WATCH: Youtuber Ishowspeed Shows His ‘Meat’ During Live Session, Accidental Flash Video Clip Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Famous YouTuber and streamer Ishowspeed is back in the headlines again and this time the news is a bit cringe-worthy.

According to various online websites and tabloids, during a YouTube live session, Ishowspeed accidentally showed his ‘Meat’ or can be said private part to the audience.

Around 25,000 users were present during the live session. The minute it was revealed, it video went viral across social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, generating hilarious memes.

Flash Video Clip On Twitter, Reddit: IShowSpeed Shows His ‘Meat’ During Youtube Live

Currently, the video clip has been trending all over the internet, all thanks to his private package which has become the star of the show. As stated due to nudity in the clip we advise you not to share or watch such videos.

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The video is going viral like crazy generating millions of views and likes. It is only a matter of seconds clip will be uploaded to the porn websites.

In the meantime, some are concerned about his career, because of this clip he might be banned from YouTube and other social media platforms. As it goes against the community guidelines of nudity and sexual content. 

Ishowspeed Shows His 'Meat' During Live Session

IShowSpeed hasn’t released any statement or comment related to the alleged controversy. Plus, his YouTube is also active currently, It looks like the little accident didn’t come with severe consequences. 

It should be noted that his social media account doesn’t feature his nude clips but still, the photos and video is still circulating on the internet through unauthorized websites.

Ishowspeed Shows His 'Meat' During Live Session

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This is so because many social media platforms doesn’t allow users to showcase inappropriate content. We strongly advise our users to not share or watch such videos as it can hamper a person’s reputation.

iShowSpeed Wiki Biodata

Personal Information
Name Darren Watkins Jr.
Profile Name IShowSpeed or Speed
Date of Birth (Age) January 21, 2005 (18 years)
Date of Joining (YouTube) March 22, 2016
Total Videos 1,082
Schedule/Status Twice a week/Active
Net Worth $10 – $12 Million
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles, California, US
Social Media Stats
Platform Followers/Subscribers
YouTube 15.4 Million Subscribers
Live Speedy – YouTube 4.29 Million Subscribers
Speedy Boykins – YouTube 1.1 Million Subscribers
TikTok 6.2 Million Followers
Twitch (Banned)
IShowSpeed – Instagram 2.4 Million Followers
IShowSpeedy – Instagram 127k Followers
Twitter 11K Followers
Date of Launch (YouTube) 2016
Notable Video NBA 2K18 clip
Focus Live streaming, gaming
Album Launched ‘What Else IShowSpeed’
Controversies Song lyrics, live streams
Collaborations Adin Ross
Personal Life
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio
Family Little siblings
Relationship Status Single
Previous Relationship Rumored dating Ermony Renee
Current Residence Ohio, USA
Other Social Media Presence
Instagram (IShowSpeed) 2.4 Million Followers
Instagram (IShowSpeedy) 127k Followers
Snapchat 88.1k Subscribers
TikTok 6.2 Million Followers
YouTube Channels IShowSpeed (8.81M), Live Speedy (2.25M), Speedy Boykins (542k)
Content on YouTube
Notable Video 1 (Live Speedy) Revenge on Talking Ben
Notable Video 2 (IShowSpeed) Controversial music video
Notable Video 3 (Speedy Boykins) Excitement from $100,000 donation
Notable Video 4 (Live Speedy) New dog and naming decision
Interesting Facts
Twitch Followers before Banned Over 170k
Initial Video NBA 2K18 clip
Motivation to Start YouTube Friend’s persuasion
Ongoing Goal Gain more support on YouTube