15 Easy Mehndi Designs For Raksha Bandhan To Try Out (2023)

The people of India attach great importance to every festive occasion. For those who participate in the celebrations with great enthusiasm and passion, they are like deep emotions. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most important celebrations in India.

This celebration shows the enduring bond between brothers and sisters. Siblings stand by one another at this period, no matter what occurs. Here are 15 easy Raksha Bandhan mehndi designs that you have to try out this year!

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15 Easy Mehndi Designs For Raksha Bandhan:

1. Minimalistsic Mehndi Design

The back of the hand is decorated in a mandala pattern with a central dark circle, petals, and bells.

2. Semi-Circle Mehndi Design

The vine starts with a dotted swirl pattern and continues up to the index finger with a strong darkened leaf pattern.

3. Simple Mehndi Design

His mehndi design consists of two half mandala patterns, the first of which begins with a circle at the center and is encircled by a bead pattern. The border is embellished with multiple floral buds and leaf motifs.

4. Full-Hand Mehndi Design

The pattern may incorporate many mehndi design elements, including flowers, nets, and shading, to produce a seductive image.

5. Bell Mehndi Design

Jhumka mehendi designs are trendy due to jhumka earrings being a beloved accessory for women. It’s very traditional and this design looks aesthetically pleasing.

6. Circle Mehndi Design

The design includes a flower trail reaching two fingers, with central flowers surrounded by swirling patterns, leaves, and unique finger patterns.

7. Finger Mehendi Design

Most of the time the designs are focused on the palm or on the back of the hand. But if you’re looking for something very simple and minimalistic, highlighting your fingers might just be the way to go.

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8. Flower Mehndi Design

You can draw a flower in the middle of the hand and leave it be. This will create a very neat and tidy yet traditional design for your Raksha Bandhan mehendi design.

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9. Circular Mehndi Design

The mandala pattern on the hand begins with a central circle and adds elegant flower edges and a variety of petals.

Circular Mehndi Design

10. Simple Mehendi Design

The mehndi pattern has unique flowers, separated by fine lines and swirls, with paisley and spiral details.

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Simple Mehendi Design

11. Floral Mehndi Design

If you’re looking for something very neat yet artistic, this is the one for you. This will make your hand look aesthetic but will leave space as well.

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12. Arabic-Inspired Mehendi Design

The flower starts from a central circle, petals, swirls, dots, and leaf motifs connect the design and little finger matches.

13. Detailed Mehendi Design

For Raksha Bandhan, sisters opt for intricate full-hand mehendi with water drop and swirl motifs.

14. Tidy Mehendi Design

The palm features unique flowers, and small blooms between vines; fingertips bear matching round flowers and swirls.

15. Peacock Mehndi Design

Crafting a peacock mehendi on Rakhi enhances tradition. Peacock imagery with floral prints embodies a captivating traditional appearance.