Dispatch Unwraps Actress Kim Hieora’s School Bullying Behaviour, Here’s How Kim Responded

As per news reports, a minor girl was caught stealing money from the bag of fellow students. On being asked why she did it, the female student said, Kim Hieora ordered her. During that time, the renowned actress of today’s times was in school studying in ninth grade. 

Dispatch released a statement on 6th September stating that Kim Hieora now a popular K-drama actress was a part of a bullying group and accused her of school disturbance and bullying.

They further stated that Kim was also part of a bullying group at Sangji Girls’ Middle School named- ‘Big Sangji’. All these revelations have been made by her former schoolmates. 

Dispatch reveals Kim Hieora’s school bullying behavior

To put all the rumours to rest, Kim came forward and addressed all the claims against her. She admitted that she was a part of the Big Sangji group, it was basically an online group rather than a real one. She further claimed that she was just a bystander while her group bullied others. 

The allegation about Kim’s bullying first came forward back in 2022 May. Dispatch started an investigation to find out other kinds of stuff. Initially, they were waiting for the telecast of the last episode of The Uncanny Encounter 2 as Kim was a vital part of the show. If an allegation came to the light before the airing then it could hamper the TRP of the show. 

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Back in my school days, when she was in 9th grade, she made a fake story that her parent went bankrupt to her fellow students and juniors. So, she wanted them to steal money and help her to support her family financially. Meanwhile, she denied such claims and stated- ‘She never talked about her finances to her.’