Megan Fox In Her New Sexy Red Hair Is A Sight To Behold

Many aspiring fashion fans look up to Megan Fox since she is a beauty icon. The entire fashion industry pays notice whenever this American actress decides to change her hairstyle because she exudes a genuine diva aura. What is her most recent hairstyle, you ask?

Megan Fox In Her Bo*ld New Hair

Megan Fox

Prepare yourselves because Megan chose a chic French bob hairstyle. And as if that weren’t brazen enough, she went one step further and dyed her hair a bright crimson velvet hue. But the thrills don’t end there. We were amazed by how Megan paired this daring hairdo with rosy-toned makeup.

Megan Fox

She had well-groomed eyebrows, pink cheeks, glossy lips, long eyelashes, a well-defined nose, and white eyeliner on her bottom lash line. She genuinely excelled in the glitzy beauty industry. Megan dressed in a grey pantsuit and added some silver jewelry as accessories to complete this fantastic metamorphosis.

Megan Fox

Red is the color that shows off all the wild and bo*ld parts of you. Megan Fox is already someone who doesn’t back down whenever she gets a chance to be edgy and very trendy. Like we’re all obsessed with red hair and Megan too, of course, she is out here with a very new avatar which we’re all loving.

For the makeup, she had a very smooth base on the face which gives off a no-makeup-makeup look, the dewy base and clear eye look make it very subtle and chic. Not only is the color edgy, but the body cut gives it a trendy character which looks better with the unstyled messy look.

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Megan Fox has a talent for injecting a modern spin into the classic bun, as she proved a few weeks ago. She had styled her hair into a top bun and left a few smooth strands to frame her face. She was dressed in a see-through garment that added drama and charm to her image, as did her layered necklaces.