Top Mallu Aunty Hot Web Series To Watch in 2023

Mallu Aunty hot web series is one of the most popular genres in India lately. The demand is so high that many OTT platforms are offering endless options to choose from. With that said, today we will be diving into the most amazing Mallu Aunty hot web series that you can watch at night and vibe alone. Keep on scrolling- 

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Best Mallu Aunty hot web series

1. Chandramukhi 

Mallu Aunty Web Series

A classic bold comedy revolves around the sexual antics of Mallu Aunty and her behaviour towards her family members. Her peculiar behaviour as well as her dressing style makes her hard to resist. The web series will make you laugh while rolling on the floor. Additionally, the love-making scenes will keep you amazed till the end. 

2. Thattathin Marayathu 

Best Mallu Aunty Web Series

The story is set in Kerala and shows Vinod a young Muslim falling in love with a Hindu girl named Aisha. Neither of their families supports their relationship despite that they continue to love each other. But their close friends keep on showing support to them.

3. Aniyathi

The Mallu Aunty Hot web series follows 3 Mallu aunties and their romantic lives. Their relationship with family members as well as work drama shows their struggles and life journey. The web series perfectly shows amazing Malayalam culture. 

4. Kalyana Sougandhikam

It shows two female characters and their life struggles while exploring various shades of love. A must-watch web series that will keep hooked to your TV screens. Kalyana Sougandhikam is a must-watch if you are interested in Malayalam culture. Plus, the emotional love story has received favourable reviews from the critics as well as the audience. 

5. Padipura 

In the town of Padipura, the rivalry between two Mallu aunties has been going on for generations. The rest of the town loves to gossip behind their back. The story takes an unexpected turn when both the ladies decide to compete with each other for everything from food recipes to properties. Will they ever be able to break the rivalry and become friends?

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6. Katha Parayumbol

The web series shows a beautiful bond between a son and a mother. Plus, it is set in Kerala showing the amazing scenic views and traditions. The most integral part of the web series is Mallu Auntie portrayed by Padampriya. Her performance stole the show. Whenever she is on screen, your eyes will be hooked only to her.