10 Fliz Web Series To Watch On Your Date Night (2023)

Fliz Web series are something we watch on a daily basis. Be it an entertaining plot, something horror, or well, if the mood suits something sexy, there’s something for everyone in the web series arena. Fliz is a new web series platform where you can get content to watch and enjoy.

So if you have a date night planned and you are looking to binge-watch something with your special someone, here is your sign to choose one from the list of 10 Fliz web series mentioned below.

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10 Fliz Web Series:

1. Sauteli

The compelling blend of intrigue and romance in Sauteli has earned it an excellent 8.2 rating. This still-airing series has a captivating storyline that draws viewers in.

Best Fliz Web Series

2. Rangmanch

This sitcom, which is still airing, has a captivating story that draws viewers in. In the show, Sapna Sappu plays a young woman with dreams of becoming a well-known actress. She soon learns, though, that the world of movies is not as magical as it first seems. She experiences disappointments, exploitation, and many obstacles on her journey as she works to achieve her goals.


3. Rosgulla

By offering stories that are situated in Kolkata and with Bengali themes at their core, Rosgulla offers a unique point of view. This drama, which has a rating of 7.0, explores unusual plotlines.


4. Lonely Girl

A romance series called Lonely Girl lacks a premise and a rating. Suhana Khan, Shanaya Sharma, and Jayati Thakkar all appear in it. Although specifics are few, romance fans may find some surprises there.

5. Ek Prem Katha

The story of Nidhi, a young woman who suffers from memory loss and emotional instability as a result of a tragic occurrence, is told in the 2020 film Ek Prem Katha. She is cared for by Shyam, who develops feelings for Nidhi. However, this show only received a lower rating of 2.3, showing that viewers had mixed feelings about it. Arpita Basak, Ritti Chowdhury, Candy Das, and Rohit Mallick are among the cast members.

6. Maska Maar Ke

The 2019 series ‘Maska Maar Ke’ is a compilation of strange tales from rural India. In the episode “Jalwa,” the series explores problems that a husband and wife encounter. It has 21 votes and a respectable rating of 6.8, and it stars Sonal Agarwal, Seema Jha, Hussain Khan, and Akriti Sharma.

7. Aap Kee Sapna Bhabhi

An Indian fliz web series called “Aap Kee Sapna Bhabhi” tells the story of Sapna, a young housewife. Sapna is married to an older man who doesn’t show her any attention. She turns to daydreaming about other men for solace. The series has won praise for its accurate portrayal of women’s sexuality and combines humor and sensuality.

8. Nancy Bhabhi

A youthful housewife named Nancy is the subject of the Hindi web series Nancy Bhabhi. The man Nancy is married to frequently travels for work. Because she is bored and solitary she is drawn to her younger brother-in-law. The erotic and drama series has received recognition for its daring and thought-provoking subject matter.

9. Mere Husband Kee Dulhaniya

The wife, Priya, resolves to cheat on her husband in order to exact retribution. The drama-revenge hybrid series has received recognition for its powerful female leads.

10. Idiyappam

A 27-minute drama Fliz web series called “Idiyappam” explores the story of a housewife who is under the grip of her husband. She decides to teach her husband a lesson at one point by treating him with the same disrespect that he has shown her.

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What is Fliz, and what type of content can viewers find on this web series platform?

Fliz is a web series platform that offers a variety of content, including entertainment, horror, and adult-themed series.

Is Fliz a popular platform for web series, and is it known for a particular genre of content?

Fliz is gaining popularity as a web series platform, and it offers a range of genres, making it suitable for a diverse audience.