Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth 2023: Here’s How Much British Actress and Model Worth

Jodie Turner-Smith is a very famous actress. She is known to be a versatile actor. She is not only famous for her acting but also because of her divorce which garnered a lot of attention. In this article, we’ll learn about the net worth of Jodie Turner-Smith as of the year 2023.

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Who is Jodie Turner-Smith?

Born on September 7, 1986, Jodie Turner-Smith is a British actress and model. She entered the world of feature films with her first appearance in “The Neon Demon” and has subsequently taken on roles in movies such as “Queen & Slim”, “After Yang”, and “White Noise”.

Her television credits include notable roles in the TNT series “The Last Ship”, the Syfy series “Nightflyers”, and more.

Jodie Turner-Smith Divorce

According to files gathered by Page Six, Turner-Smith, 37, stated that their irreconcilable differences were the main cause of their divorce. She has also stated that she and the “Mighty Ducks” actor have a prenuptial agreement and filed a formal request to forego spousal support.

The date September 13, 2023, is listed as the separation’s official recognition date, marking the start of this new chapter in each person’s life.

Jodie Turner-Smith’s Career

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth 2023: Here's How Much British Actress and Model Worth

There is no denying Jodie’s charisma on screen. Her versatility and prodigious acting abilities have continually shown through, whether it was in The Last Ship, when she had a breakthrough part, or in Queen & Slim, where she had a compelling performance.

She gives each character she takes on life with her unique manner, producing a variety of remarkable performances. She has received high accolades for her quick rise in Hollywood and is now recognized as one of the most talented individuals in the entertainment field.

Beyond performing, Jodie Turner-Smith has other passions and involvements. She has made great strides in the area of production, working to bring attention to tales, especially those that showcase Black perspectives.

Her influence and reach are further expanded through her endorsements and brand ties. She supports organizations and projects that advocate for women’s rights and marginalized areas, demonstrating her humanitarian inclination and emphasizing her commitment to bringing about change both on and off-screen.

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth 2023: Here's How Much British Actress and Model Worth

How Much Is Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth In 2023?

According to sources found online Jodie Turner-Smith has a net worth of $5 million as of the year 2023.

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Wiki Biodata

Name Jodie Turner-Smith
Age 37
Date of Birth 7 September 1986
Occupation Actress
Net Worth (2023) $5 Million
Years Active 2013–present
Children 1
Spouse Joshua Jackson


Who is Jodie Turner-Smith, and what are some of her notable acting roles?

Jodie Turner-Smith is a British actress and model known for her versatile acting skills. She has appeared in films such as “The Neon Demon,” “Queen & Slim,” “After Yang,” and “White Noise.” She has also played notable roles in TV series like “The Last Ship” and “Nightflyers.”

What is Jodie Turner-Smith’s estimated net worth in the year 2023?

As of the year 2023, Jodie Turner-Smith’s estimated net worth is $5 million.