Lunden Stallings’ Racist Tweets Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit; Sparks Outrage

With the shocking development old racist tweets of Lunden Stallings have gone viral on Twitter, and Reddit. The minute it was leaked it went viral, spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms. Since then she has been receiving backlash on the internet.

The alleged leaked tweet came into the news after her high-profile marriage with Olivia Bennett. Even after so much negativity and anger, Lunden has not publicly addressed her past misbehavior.

Here we will dive into the story and find out what the fuss is all about. 

Racist tweets of TikTok influencer Lunden Stallings go viral on the internet, check here

As mentioned above, Lunden Stallings’s old racist video has been trending all over the internet. The public on Twitter is shocked to see her behavior like this. They have expressed their disappointment as well and many of them are furious.

The worst part is that she has used the N-word in many of her tweets thus putting herself in a sensitive spot in front of the public eye. 

At the same time, people are starting to debate over her diverse fanbase, as many of her fanatics include African-American people. With the old tweets surfacing, they are furious over her misdemeanor.

Famous TikTok influencer Lunden Stallings’s racist tweets leaked on social media and went viral on the internet

Lunden Stallings is a famous social media influencer best known for her TikTok account which she runs with her partner Olivia – Lunden&Olivia. With time she garnered quite a fanbase with around 226K followers, and 144 posts on her account.

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The lesbian couple is known for spreading love and inspiration to many who are still in the closet. But with the recent racist tweets, things are not going well.

Wiki Biodata

Attribute Details
Full Name Lunden Stallings
Profession TikTok Star
Known For Vlogs, Fashion, Couples, LGBTQ+ Content
TikTok Debut April 2020
Engagement Engaged to Olivia Bennett since May 2022
Family Sister, Brother, Nephew, and Two Golden Retrievers
Notable TikTok Vlog January 2022, Set to Music by Justin Bieber


Why is Lunden Stallings receiving backlash on social media?

Lunden Stallings is facing backlash on social media due to old racist tweets that have resurfaced and gone viral, causing disappointment and anger among the public.

What is the specific content of the tweets that has caused controversy?

The controversy surrounds Lunden Stallings using racial slurs, including the N-word, in her old tweets.