10 Bharti Jha Web Series To Watch Alone At Night (2023)

Bharti Jha is an OTT actor and has been a part of numerous web series to date. She is widely recognized for her work in bold erotic web series especially her collabs with Ullu. Here we gonna countdown ten of Bharti Jha’s best web series, but before we dive into the pool, let’s explore her acting journey so far-

Bharti Jha Age

Bharti Jha was born on October 28, 1997, which makes her 25 years old as of the current date.

Career so far

Born in Patna, Bihar, she has made a name for herself in the world of Bhojpuri cinema and web series, starting her career with films like “Aghori” and “Shaadi by Chance.” With her captivating performances in projects like the Ullu web series “Doraha,” Bharti Jha has gained recognition and continues to evolve her career in the entertainment industry.

Social Media

Bharti Jha is active on Instagram, and her Instagram profile is listed as @bhartijha9090. You can follow her on Instagram to stay updated with her posts and activities.

Bharti Jha’s Sizzling Instagram Posts

Bharti Jha Web Series Overview

If you’re a fan of here, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best Bharti Jha web series which you can check out if you’re looking to have a good watch!

Web Series Title Plot Summary Main Cast Release Date OTT Platform
Woh Din Desi Kisse Focuses on a recently wed couple and a pre-wedding promise. Bharti Jha, Charu Ayesha Pathan, Reetu and more 12 September 2023 Ullu
Rajjo Rasili Involves the house owner and a servant with unworthy motives. Bharti Jha, Tarakesh Chauhan and more 22 August 2023 NetPrime
Aamras Follows Mrs. Ghosh’s path of love and transformation. Bharti Jha, Ishwar Aggarwal, Payal Patil and more 09 August 2023 Ullu
Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2 Features stories that appeal to women, including Mrs. Ghosh. Bharti Jha, Jinnie Jazz and more 18 August 2023 Voovi
Betaab Ishq An unexpected friendship forms between Vinod and Shanaya. Bharti Jha, Natasha Rajeshwari, Dharmendra Gupta and more 08 July 2023 Ullu
Matakni Ke Matke Season 2 Offers an interesting and humorous plot. Bharti Jha, Aayushi Jaiswal, Suhana Khan and more 02 September 2023 Rabbit
Ghar Sasur Follows the tale of a young man’s quest to become a millionaire. Bharti Jha, Kamalika Chanda, Ruchita Shukla and more 30 May 2023 Besharams
Miss Briganza 2 Focuses on a newlywed couple’s honeymoon with a plot twist. Bharti Jha, Shyna Khatri and more 16 April 2023 WOW Originals
Rain Basera Involves a video blackmail plot within a thug group. Bharti Jha, Hiral Radadiya, Kailash Vyas, Litesh Pawar and more 08 April 2023 Ullu
Aunty Ka PG The story of a girls’ PG and the unexpected disappearance. Bharti Jha, Jayshree Gaikwad, Neha Gupta and more 10 March 2023 Cineprime

10 Bharti Jha Web Series:

1. Woh Din Desi Kisse

Focusing on a recently wed couple and their family. Despite being married, they are unable to continue their relationship because of a pre-wedding promise their mother made.

Bharti Jha Web Series

2. Rajjo Rasili

The house owner is portrayed by Tarakesh Chauhan and the servant. Bharti Jha is employed by Tarakesh Chauhan as a servant, but Tarakesh Chauhan has unworthy motives.

best Bharti Jha Web Series

3. Aamras

Mrs. Ghosh’s path of love and transformation, which was inspired by Vinay’s tales, is similar to that of other women in the city.

Top Bharti Jha Web Series

4. Jaan Bujh Kar Season 2

His stories appeal to women, particularly Mrs. Ghosh, who is taken in by his words. Every day she urges him to write, expecting for more, but Vinay doesn’t respond.

5. Betab Ishq

A middle-aged man named Vinod lives with his niece Nidhi. But when Shanaya, played by Bharti Jha, the daughter of Vinod’s friend, briefly lives with them, an unexpected friendship begins forming between Vinod and Shanaya.

6. Matakni Ke Matke Season 2

The plot is not only interesting but also humorous, guaranteeing viewers a good time. Audiences eagerly anticipate each new episode of the series, which is presented in a series of episodes.

Bharti Jha Web Series

7. Ghar Sasur

“Ghar Sasur” portrays the tale of a young man who aspires to become a millionaire without working hard. Despite his laziness, he creates a strategy to realize his goals. His plan involves luring a wealthy woman into the web of his love, which will eventually result in their marriage and his rapid climb to wealth.

Bharti Jha Web Series

8. Miss Briganza 2

Focused on a newlywed couple that wants to spend their honeymoon in Switzerland. The plot twist occurs when the wife, played by Shyna Khatri, a gym trainer, develops feelings for another newlywed wife, played by Bharti Jha.

Bharti Jha Web Series

9. Rain Basera

In a thug group, both boys and girls are present. One of these young children begins to love one of the females, and the kid kisses the woman whose video makes him friends. Instead of removing the footage, the video’s creator begs the girl to date him in an attempt to blackmail her.

10. Aunty Ka PG

The story of “Aunty Ka PG” is a PG where girls live. When a girl from the PG goes missing one night, the situation takes an unexpected turn. The warden of the PG makes an effort to find her, and the girl subsequently admits that she has actually vanished.

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