Ananya Panday Makes A Bo*ld Statement In Her Dual-Toned Formal Outfit

Ananya Panday is one of the most influential Gen-Z stars right now. Not only is she acing in film sector, but is known for her impeccable fashion sense as well. She knows what to wear and she has the perfect wardrobe to accompany her anytime and anywhere.

Wearing something that compliments your body is rule one of fashion, you need to choose the clothes which fit you and make you comfortable.

When it comes to making a bold statement we always ask for formals. But formals are often vouched to be boring and very dull in color. Why not make it fun by adding a pop of pink and a dash of brightness to make it somewhat a co-ord and slay in? Ananya Panday went for something formal but also very colorful to make it gen-z friendly!

Ananya Panday In Bo*ld Dual-Toned Pink Formal Look

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Ananya Panday is the most recent star to join the pink frenzy, and the Barbiecore trend is still very much in vogue months later. Ananya dazzled in her latest photo shoot with her self-assured and feminine style. She chose a bold pink and brown fusion corset ensemble, completing it with an open-front magenta blazer that brought a splash of color to her exquisite dress.

Ananya Panday Makes A Bo*ld Statement In Her Dual-Toned Formal Outfit

Her heart-shaped, diamond-encrusted earrings gave her a glamorous touch and made her look radiant. Ananya’s OOTD theme was pink, thus her cosmetic selections matched the mood board’s color scheme. She applied some blush and highlighter to her perfect skin to achieve a soft-glam look.

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It’s a perfect look if you want something subtle with your makeup but enchanting for your closet choice. She also accessorized the outfit well with some trendy earrings, which elevated the look of this outfit. Bob cut, smeared lips and a peppy look was enough to make this whole look a statement!