Bassem Youssef Wife: Here’s How Much The Egyptian TV Host Worth?

In this article, we’ll learn more about Bassem Youssef and who is his wife. Scroll along to know all about it.

Who is Bassem Youssef?

Born on March 21, 1974, Bassem Raafat Mohamed Youssef is an Egyptian comedian and TV host. Between 2011 and 2014, he served as the host of the mock Egyptian political news program El-Bernameg (The Show).

His most illustrious moment came in 2023 when he interrogated Piers Morgan in-depth on his program about the Israel-Palestine issue. In 2013, Time magazine listed him among the “100 most influential people on the planet.”

Current endeavors that Bassem is working on include “Tickling Giants,” “The Democracy Handbook,” and “Revolution For Dummies.”

Bassem Youssef Wife
Image Credit: @bassem/Instagram

Who is Bassem Youssef’s Wife?

Bassem is married to Hala Diab, who is a Egyptian-Palestinian cardiothoracic surgeon. Both tied the knot in 2010 and are blessed with two children: Nadiya and Adam.

How Much is Bassem Youssef’s Net Worth

According to All Famous Birthday, As of the year 2023, Bassem Youssef has an estimated net worth of a whooping amount of around $5 Million.

Bassem Youssef Wife Name

Bassem Youssef and Piers Morgan’s Viral Interview Video

Fans have been gushing about comic Bassem Youssef’s explosive interview with Piers Morgan, praising his deft use of humor in the conversation on the Israel-Hamas war.

Youssef, who has been dubbed the “Jon Stewart of Egypt” for his political satire program Al-Bernameg, spoke about the Middle East conflict on Tuesday night’s episode of Piers Morgan’s “Uncensored”, competing with the British host over his interruptions and challenging Morgan’s use of the word “savages.”

Social media fans praised Youssef for his hilarious interview approach, calling him “clever” and “outstanding.” Millions of people have seen the TikTok videos of the interview.

In the comment section of the video with over 3 million views, a viewer wrote, “Bassem has discovered the most effective way to interact with Piers Morgan.”

Bassem Youssef Wife
Image Credit: @bassem/Instagram

Bassem Youssef’s Family

Raafat Youssef is Bassem’s dad, and Nadia Hamdy Saleh is his mom.