15 Cyber Sigilism Tattoo Ideas To Choose From This Festive Season

When we say the 90s are coming back, we are definitely not kidding about it. Low-waist jeans, high-cut crop tops, and now the tattoos too, its all coming back and you better be ready for it already. You are immediately transported back to the early 2000s when the globe was embracing the digital era when you first witness a cyber sigilism tattoo.

Although these futuristic-looking tattoos haven’t been popular in a while, their symmetrical, Y2K-era computer aesthetics are suddenly making a comeback.

These tattoos look really futuristic and aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. The best part is, that they’re not heavily designed so you can get a few of Cyber Sigilistic tattoos without hurting yourself too much and still hop in the trend like the boss you are.

Cyber sigilism’s aesthetics, which are distinguished by their straight lines and symmetrical patterns, are reminiscent of computers, but they also include heavy metal influences. This is due to the fact that many of these tattoos have an appearance that is reminiscent of a thorn, in keeping with the heavy metal aesthetic. Below we bring you the 15 best Cyber Sigilism Tattoo ideas-

15 Best Cyber Sigilism Tattoo Ideas:

1. Cyber Butterfly

The lines are delicately drawn in a variety of shapes for a neat and precise appearance. It’s a very minimal and feminine tattoo.

2. Minimalistic

Consider going with a more compact alternative, like this one with two splintered lines on the torso, to truly capture the spirit of digital art in your design.

3. Lower Back Tat

Tattoos on the lower back are also becoming more popular. It’s the ideal location for this kind of ink because of the eerily similar Y2K sentiments.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo

4. Stomach Tat

Cyber sigilism tattoos are resurfacing, and the patterns are more intricate and complicated than ever.

5. Fairycore

Pick a fairly core-inspired butterfly to bring back the wistful nostalgia of the late ’90s and early ’00s. Definitely something which is more towards the feminine side, giving your tattoo a hint of mysticism.

6. Cyber Heart

Many tattoos in this category combine a heart with spiraling thorns, giving the traditional heart form an edgy twist.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo Ideas

7. Hand Sketches

Extend spiky contours, dots, and dashes from your wrist to your fingertips to combine your love of hand tattoos.

8. Arm Jewels

Make your cybersigilism tattoo also function as a phony item of dangling jewelry.

9. Hidden Meanings

Barth advises using barcodes, QR codes, number sequences, or crucial coordinates as hidden features within your tattoo design to completely embrace the cyber aspect.

Hidden Meanings

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10. Bracelet

For an ink bracelet in the cyberpunk style, wrap a prickly work of art around your wrist. A futuristic tattoo idea to have is sleek and very modern to look at if done properly.


11. Postage Stamp

As seen by the spiky border surrounding the charming bug in this tattoo, use components from a cyber sigil into a different kind of body art.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo

12. Colorful

You’ll frequently encounter blues, reds, and purples in cyber sigilism. This one is very similar to a vintage neon sign.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo Designs

13. Metal

Another choice is to use a pattern that resembles thorns or spiderwebs. Perfect tattoo to get you into metalcore.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo

14. Back Designs

Despite being extremely tiny, this back tattoo successfully conveys the essence of the cyber sigilist look.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo

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15. Surrealism

For a tattoo that is completely yours, incorporate a surrealist feature, like this eyeball.

Cyber Sigilism Tattoo