10 Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Designs Which Are Simple and Easy (2023)

10 Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Designs Which Are Simple and Easy (2023)

Every festival has great significance in the hearts of the people of India. These festivities are more than just occasions; they are ardently loved customs that people joyfully embrace and celebrate with majesty and zeal.

Ahoi Ashtami will be celebrated on Sun, November 5, 2023, and to deck up for the festival you should try out some of the easy 10 Ahoi Ashtami mehndi designs mentioned below.

10 Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Designs:

1. Full Hand Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

For the ideal, eye-catching appearance, the design can be created by combining many other mehndi designs with flowers, nets, and tinting aspects.

2. Mandala Ahoi Ashtami

Wearing this age-old art form on your hands will simply and festively enhance their natural appeal.

3. Jhumka Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

Jhumka mehendi designs are quite popular because of women’s fondness for jhumkas, which are prominent fashion accessories.

4. Arabic Ahoi Ashtami

The Arabic mehndi design features shadings and paisleys, and prominent borders call for a thick mehendi cone. This type of mehndi is also known as Mughlai mehndi.

5. Peacock Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

Given that the peacock is a renowned bird, this mehndi pattern is a perfect fit for the auspicious Ahoi Ashtami celebration.

6. Floral Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

Unquestionably the ideal mehandi concept. Your hand looks as lovely as it can be when it is adorned with flowers, which give it an authentic vibe.

7. Minimalistic Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

Traditional mehndi design can be a little too ‘bold’ for some of our choices. So here you have the best, and very simple design.

8. Upper Hand Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

Instead of designing the back of the hand, you can opt for the upper part of the hand to get highlighted.

9. Rose Chain Ahoi Ashtami

For an ordinary yet elegant appearance, creative bangle mehndi motifs use rose blooms that branch out from the fingers from above and below.

10. Lotus Ahoi Ashtami Mehndi Design

Shaded lotus blossoms on one side, paired with a mehndi bracelet on the wrist, are a popular trend in mehendi designs.