10 Diwali Mehndi Designs Which Are Easy, Simple and Stunning 2023

10 Diwali Mehndi Designs Which Are Easy, Simple and Stunning (2023)

Diwali is right around the corner. And we do take festivities, gearing up for them pretty seriously. It’s time to put on your best traditional look, mehndi, the tallest of heels, and decorate your house with creative rangoli designs. Below are the 10 Diwali mehndi designs that you should check out and get this Diwali, as they’re creative, easy, simple, and very beautiful to look at.

10 Diwali Mehndi Designs:

1. Rajasthani

Both the front and back of your hands are decorated with elaborate designs featuring paisleys, flowers, bangle patterns, netted designs, and peacock prints.

2. Spiral lace

It features stylish spiral-designed bands without overdoing the henna on the hands.

3. Back-Hand Diwali Mehndi Design

This is an easy mehndi design that mostly comprises of dots and symmetrical wristband designs if you’re looking for something quick and simple on the back side of your hand.

4. Lotus Diwali Mehndi Design

Even though this henna pattern is simple, it gives the hands a more finished and full effect.

5. African Diwali Mehndi Design

For more than a century, henna, often referred to as mehandi, has been important to Western African culture. It features tribal patterns and designs with prominent borders and voids that are reminiscent of Arabic mehendi.

6. Moroccan Diwali Mehndi Design

Moroccan henna designs are influenced by traditional tribal motifs and have geometric patterns, zigzag lines, and unusual prints that are similar to modern tribal tattoos.

7. Minimalistic

If you want something very simple and don’t want your hand to be overfilled with mehndi, this is just for you. Very simple easy and anybody can draw it!

8. Simple Diwali Mehndi Design

Just a few dots and leaves patterns can make this mehndi stand out excellently! Even if you’re a beginner with no help, you can get this done.

9. Modern Diwali Mehndi Design

The indo-western mehndi style defies convention by fusing aspects of both Eastern and Western traditions. It incorporates elements of the traditional style with current motifs.

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10. Geometric Diwali Mehndi Design

Stencils can be used to get some of the mehndi designs done. This is one of them. Squares, a few lines a dots drawn perfectly will give you this festive mehndi look.