10 Dhanteras Rangoli Designs To Draw And Beautify Your House (2023)

10 Dhanteras Rangoli Designs To Draw And Beautify Your House (2023)

In most of India, Dhanteras, also known as Dhanatrayodashi, marks the beginning of the Diwali celebration. On the thirteenth day of the declining phase of the moon in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, or Kartika, this ceremony is held. To beautify your house for Dhanteras and make your guests go, ‘so beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow’ to your designs, check out the 10 Dhanteras rangoli designs mentioned below.

10 Dhanteras Rangoli Design:

1. Geometric Dhanteras Rangoli Design

To make the artwork stand out, it entails sketching geometric forms that are repeated and covering them with vibrant colors.

2. Ganesh Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Making a Ganesh rangoli is a traditional technique to ask for blessings during several Indian festivals. You could have a simple hand-drawn image or a central Ganesh figure in your design.

3. Dot Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Varangoli Dot Also known as Pulli Kolam or Kolam, this pattern is created by joining dots.

4. Elaborate Dhanteras Rangoli Design

The Sanskrit Bharti rangoli is a popular option in India, highlighted by its semicircular or circular designs with intricate lines.

5. Peacock Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Rangoli often features peacock patterns, which typically feature colors like blue, green, yellow, and white.

6. Simple Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Freehand rangoli provides more artistic freedom by enabling impromptu patterns: Start with a simple colored outline and add in a simple and creative design. Keep it simple by making it monotone only.

7. Floral Dhanteras Rangoli Design

With these simple designs, anyone can become involved in this lovely ritual and get a good introduction to the art of rangoli.

8. Easy Dhanteras Rangoli Design

A few simple cursive lines, dots, and pet shapes can give you this beautiful, easy, and minimalistic rangoli design.

9. Creative Dhanteras Rangoli Design

This rangoli can be easily done with a stencil, adding the hues in a proper way to give it an ombre effect making it seem aesthetically stunning.

10. Diya Dhanteras Rangoli Design

Adding diyas to light your rangoli up can elevate the design and look the place around. It also goes well with the festival vibe.

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