10 Chhath Puja Mehndi Design To Take Inspirations From (2023)

10 Chhath Puja Mehndi Design To Take Inspirations From (2023)

Chhath is a traditional Hindu celebration that originated in the Indian subcontinent, mainly in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and more. To gear up for Chhath puja you need some stunning clothes, your best heels, and mehndi designs. Below mentioned are the 10 Chhath puja mehendi designs for you to check out.

10 Chhath Puja Mehndi Design:

1. Dotted Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

The mehndi design is straightforward and starts at the base of the palm and goes all the way to the index finger.

2. Modern Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

This design creatively blends two cultures with a peacock symbol and loads of Indian-style blooms on one side. Indian designs and Western designs are combined.

3. Mandala Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

The entire palm area is covered in a mirrored mehndi design with mandalas serving as the pattern’s base. The fingers also include a beautiful mesh-like texture that goes all the way up to the wrist.

4. One Side Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

This design reaches the tips of both fingers, and there is a lovely, whimsical elaboration on the other fingertips as well.

5. Dark Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

This lovely circular mehndi design features flowers and leaves that emerge from the design, drawing inspiration from nature.

6. Intricate Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

There are several wavy curves, vines, and floral features that resemble stencil detailing, adding a novel touch to weddings and festivals.

7. Peacock Chhath Puja Mehndi Desi

Since peacocks are a significant bird, it is used to design mehendi and make it look pretty. Some chains along the hand will give it a more intricate look.

8. Lotus Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

Lotus are very delicate and they are used to beautify mehendi designs. It is also easy to draw if you’re a newbie and still want a stunning design.

9. Chained Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

One of the easiest henna designs is a simple Arabic Mehndi with flowers arranged in a Mandala design.

10. Minimalistic Chhath Puja Mehndi Design

Simple mehendi designs are good, but use your imagination to choose something that is both straightforward and appealing in a different way. This Mehndi pattern with scattered flowers is one example of one that will appear significantly different.

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