Laura Dennis aka ‘The Bunny’ Joins Onlyfans To Post Exclusive Adult Content

Female Wrestler The Bunny, Joins OF To Post Exclusive Adult Content

To keep their fan base entertained, a lot of female wrestlers have recently chosen to launch their accounts on adult websites like Onlyfa*s. Among the most successful celebrities in this area is the former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, who made a lot more money from her website than she did in the WWE.

The Bunny (Laura Dennis) joins Onlyfans

In line with this, The Bunny (Laura Dennis) just unveiled her own OnlyFans page. In All Elite Wrestling, The Bunny, who goes by “Laura Allie” on her OnlyFans account, is a stable member with ‘The Butcher and The Blade’ team. She used to be known by “Allie” in the ring before taking on the appearance of The Bunny, although “Laura Dennis” is her actual identity.

Due to an injury, Laura Dennis, who entered AEW in March 2019 and made her professional start a few months later, only had a couple of ring visits this year. On a Rampage episode in September 2023, she had her last match. On November 9, 2023, Bunny was taken off of AEW’s online lineup following their mutual agreement to separate ways, which ended her four-year contract with the organization. The Bunny quickly opened an OnlyFans profile after her departure, charging $19.99 a month.

Female Wrestler The Bunny, Joins OF To Post Exclusive Adult Content

“Hi, I’m Laura but you probably know me as Allie. I am a professional wrestler, content creator, and horror nerd,” is what she added on her OnlyFan*s profile. It also mentioned that the account won’t contain any nud*s of her and only “exclusive content with some spice”.

The 36-year-old wrestler competed on the independent scene as Cherry Bomb after previously competing in Impact Wrestling as Allie.

Female Wrestler The Bunny, Joins OF To Post Exclusive Adult Content

The Bunny Other Professional Appearances On Camera

Dennis took part in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s 2010 Nearly Naked Ladies of Wrestling Calendar, which raised money for the organization. She played herself in the independent movie Beat Down (2011) as well.

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