Matt Rife’s Airplane Crash Joke Faces Backlash on Twitter

Matt Rife, Renowned TikTok Star Again Faces Backlash in Twitter over Airplane Crash Joke

Matt Rife, the TikTok sensation and renowned Comedian has recently found himself in the middle of another controversy. The current controversy that he is embroiled in is about a contentious tweet that concerns airplane crashes.

Matt Rife possesses a unique brand of humor, hence his journey in this entertainment world is full of criticism, controversy, and blame. Many times he struggles between the fine line between offense and amusement.

Matt Rife Tweet
Image Credit: @mattrife/Instagram

Rife’s tweet circulates topics of surviving airplane crashes. People who are the victims of airplane crashes, or who have survived such tragic occurrences will deal with this case with high sensitivity. Airplane crash jokes are condemned widely as they are insensitive and disrespectful to the victims of such tragedies.

Matt Rife’s tweet was filled with content that led various people to think that he lacked empathy for the people who are airplane crash survivors. In the tweet posted by Rife, he sarcastically wrote that if people were to die if they think that their legs will be blocked from exiting for keeping their backpack underneath during an emergency landing, then those people are not ‘fit for this world.’ In another tweet, Rife himself inflamed the situation by further showing little remorse for his comments.

Matt Rife’s History With Controversy

Matt Rife Plane Crash Tweet
Image Credit: @mattrife/Instagram

On social media Rife’s tweets and posts have always welcomed controversies. Some of his past tweets appear frequently. However, they disappear quickly as well. His tweets had content about allegations of racism as well.

During the COVID-19 pandemic‌, one of Rife’s tweets gained traction for targeting the cast of ‘Parasite’ at the Academy Awards. However, the tweet was deleted later when it gained immense criticism from the public for Rife being racially insensitive As per Rife’s tweet, the Asian Actors in the Parasite were the primary carriers of Coronavirus. Thus, the comments were full of accusations regarding racism. Later he deleted the tweet.

Rife also compared Twitter to Instagram and tagged the former as the worst social media platform. His older tweets having homophobic slurs and racist content resurfaced on the internet in 2016 which was a huge incident. Thus, Rife has been surrounded by the ocean of subsequent backlash and controversies, the recent one being about the airplane crash.

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