Diddy Abuse Lawsuit Brings Kim Porter And Ed Winter Death Under Scrutiny

Diddy Abuse Lawsuit Brought Kim Porter And Ed Winter Death Under Scrutiny; Is Diddy The Real Culprit?

Recently, Cassie, who is popularly known as Casandra Ventura has filed a lawsuit against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. As a result, the entire internet is bursting with some major issues like the abuse of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of death of his children’s mother, model Kim Porter, and Ed Winter, Deputy L.A. County Coroner’s demise.

As per reports, Kim Porter’s case was under Ed Winter’s scrutiny. Netizens allege that the famous rapper, Diddy is behind several deaths as the current news of a lawsuit against him by Cassie broke.

The filed lawsuit by Cassie involves physical abuse and allegedly raping Casandra Ventura multiple times. Casandra or Cassie accused Diddy of making her consume substances and alcohol regularly as well.

As per the lawsuit, the music producer used to film by forcing Cassie to sleep with and have s*x with male escorts or prostitutes.

As the news about the filing of the law emerged, Diddy’s past is being dug by Netizens.

The death of Kim Porter, who was his baby’s mother, and Ed Winter, who was the chief investigator of Kim Porter’s death case were under the microscope doubting Diddy.

Al B Sure, renowned rapper and Kim’s ex-husband accused Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of being responsible for his ex-partner’s death.

What Happened Between Ed Winter and Diddy

TMZ announced on March 19, 2023 that Ed Winter breathed his last due to natural causes in his LA residence, at the age of 72. In his lifetime, Ed Winter was in charge of investigations of various celebrities including Corey Haim, Tom Petty, Brittany Murphy, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, among others.

Ed Winter’s demise occurred sometime after he was assigned to reopen Kim Porter’s death case. As per autopsy, Kim Porter died due to lobar pneumonia. However, Netizens as well as Al B Sure refused to believe the same.

The Jaguar Wright Clip Went Viral

A 2019 interview clip has gone viral recently where Jaguar Wright is spotted expressing her doubt about Diddy regarding multiple deaths occurring. Wright mentioned the death of numerous figures of Uptown Records like Kim Porter, Heavy D, and Andre Harrell among others.

She also talked about Al B Sure’s hospitalization and going into a coma. Thus, Jaguar Wright accused Diddy of these occurrences as the latter being a prominent figure in the firm didn’t experience any sort of health issues at all.

Jaguar Wright’s words in the interview went viral, which read, “Has Puffy [Diddy] ever been in a coma? Has anything happened to him? He must be the luckiest mother**ker because it seems like everybody who worked at Uptown Records from the very beginning, is gone. Just him.”

You can watch the whole interview here!

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