10 Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Designs You Can Check Out And Try (2023)

10 Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Designs You Can Check Out And Try (2023)

Among the 24 Ekadashis, Devutthana Ekadashi is special because it is thought that on this Ekadashi Tithi, Lord Vishnu, the protector and upholder of the Earth and Universe, emerges from a four-month slumber referred to as Chaturmas. It gets celebrated all around the nation, to decorate your house with rangoli for this event you can check out the 10 Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli designs below.

10 Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Designs:

1. Simple

If you’re a newbie or don’t want to overdo your rangoli design, you can check this design out! It is simple, very beautiful, and perfect for occasions.

2. Theme Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Design

You can add any theme you like to your rangoli as well. You can make it relevant to the current affairs to some kind of meme template can also make it look hilarious and add a fun element to your festive party.

3. Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is a very common design for rangolis. Its a symbol of religion, power, and courage. Watch your steps out if you get this design though.

4. Diyas

Diyas can help you light up your rangoli and add an extra zing to it as well. Place your diyas in between the rangoli can elevate the look of it overall.

5. Border Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Design

If you wanna keep your rangoli simple, you can just beautify the borders of the room which will give it a very aesthetically pleasing vibe.

6. Corner

If you don’t want to mess your rangoli up with stomps, you can decorate a corner and keep it safe with bright colors and a beautiful design.

7. Mandala

Mandala rangoli is perhaps the most common one you can spot in houses. It’s very easy to make as well, loads of stencil options are available if you’re a newbie.

8. Flower Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Design

To keep your rangoli simple and environmentally friendly, you could substitute colors with flower petals. Good in smell and good for the ecosystem.

9. Ombre

Blend one color into another to create an ombre effect. It is essentially a little difficult but looks great as a decoration.

10. Spiral Devutthana Ekadashi Rangoli Design

This is a very easy rangoli to make as you can nail the look using a stencil which you give you the perfect cutaways for the look.

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