Youtuber Hassan Campbell Gets Shot On Livestream: Video Goes Viral

Youtuber Hassan Campbell Got Shot On Livestream: Video Goes Viral

The controversial video of renowned YouTuber Hassan Campbell has gone viral all over the internet. Allegedly the YouTuber was shot, and the video went viral across social media platforms. Hassan Campbell is a popular internet personality who is well known for addressing common issues like pop-culture incidents and issues prevailing in working-class communities.

Recently, a video of Hassan Campbell getting assaulted for being aggressive has caught the attention of the media. The incident occurred in a Bronx neighborhood and the same gained huge attention online.

The Livestream video of Youtuber Hassan Campbell Goes Viral

Hassan Campbell got shot on November 19, 2023, Sunday as per All Hip Hop. He was in a livestream and he started talking about rapper Diddy and the lawsuit filed against him. While streaming, in reply to, “in the hood” he said, “This ain’t gonna go viral. They gonna keep this sh*t real because nobody gives a f**k about the kids in the hood getting f**ked. I don’t want to be in the industry. I don’t like the industry. I disrespect the industry… What are you all telling me? My life and my pain weren’t worth anything? Everything I went through as a child, everything I went through wasn’t worth nothing?”

Further, the content creator went on to talk about Street justice. He provoked his followers to get into a tongue-fight debate with him, and said, “I won’t back down from nobody… I dare you n**gas!”

However, after some time, the livestream shows the influencer inside the car yelling, “I need to get to the hospital quick. I need to go to the hospital! I’m shot, son!”

The video continues and a stranger asks Hassan Campbell to stop driving and gets him an ambulance. After this, the video ended but amassed 154K views on YouTube.

Hassan Campbell’s Youtube Journey

Hassan Campbell is a 46-year-old famous YouTuber and influencer who grew up in a family of substance abuse and alcohol. Hassan belongs to Mexican ethnicity and garnered around 500K subscribers on YouTube. He is a well-known Influencer who talks about pop-culture events and gives advice.

As per reports and hints, Campbell got shot at in the Bronx. However, until now the footage of the same is not available on the internet. As per All Hip Hop, Hassan Campbell will make a full recovery soon after getting surgery. The media also confirmed that Campbell was indeed shot fatally.

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