Nadia Zalecka’s Deepfake Viral Video Shocks Model

Nadia Zalecka Opens Up About Her Deep Fake Viral Video Circulating Online

An increasing number of deepfake internet uploads in 2023 have included influencers in explicit content. As mentioned above, these images, also known as “deepfakes,” came to light after Twitch streamer Atrioc revealed a website that featured artificial intelligence (AI)-generated images of the model.

Nadia Zalecka Opens Up About Her Deep Fake Viral Video

In an interview with The Daily Star, model Nadia Zalecka revealed how shocked she was to see a deepfake video of herself undressed by artificial intelligence. Zalecka is a model who is signed to Not Another Intl in Dublin, Ireland. She has more than 80,000 followers on her own TikTok profile.

Nadia Zalecka creates tiktok videos most of the time while getting ready. Unfortunately, someone else downloaded one of the clips without her consent and misused it to create an explicit video using Deepake technology. Stuff like this can be very dangerous and it affects a person’s image and reputation online and offline.

Image Credit: @nadiazalecka/Instagram

Deepfake videos have been a menace to the society. Recently, there are loads of complaints against them and people are suffering as well. They had her undressed, changed her name and face, and uploaded it to adult websites.

“It’s so so scary. One of my TikTok followers came across it and tagged me. People need to realize how bad it actually is… “It was so scary seeing my video being manipulated so easily, it’s flooded with comments praising and supporting this fake person, and little do they know it’s completely fake and my body is being used.” Nadia Zalecka quoted in a conversation with The Daily Star.

Image Credit: @nadiazalecka/Instagram

What is Deep Fake?

Combining the terms “deep learning” and “fake,” “deep fakes” describe artificial media that has been digitally altered to successfully replace one person’s likeness with another. They involve using deep-generating approaches to modify facial traits. It is advised to review whatever you post online, keeping it can backfire on you in your mind at all times.

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