Sara Tendulkar alerts fans, Sachin’s daughter worried about fake Twitter account with Deepfake pictures of her

Sara Tendulkar alerts fans, Sachin's daughter worried about fake Twitter account with Deepfake pictures of her

Sara Tendulkar recently shared a post, on Instagram to address concerns related to accounts on X ( Twitter) that are using her name. As the daughter of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, she expressed her worries about the circulation of deepfake photos on social media.

Sara said that while social media is a platform for sharing moments and daily experiences she is concerned because some individuals misuse technology. Sara mentioned seeing fake pictures of herself online that were made using Deepfake technology.

Sara Tendulkar talks about fake Twitter account with Deepfake pictures of her spreading on Internet

Sara Tendulkar
Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar talks about fake accounts on Twitter using her name and posting deepfake photos. (Screenshot of Sara Tendulkar’s Instagram Story)

Sara highlighted the existence of accounts with her name on X that aim to deceive her image in the public. Sara clarified that she does not have any account on X and called upon the platform to investigate and suspend accounts that are opened in her name. Sara urged X to take action against those who attempt to impersonate her.

Sara Tendulkar ended her message by saying that having fun online shouldn’t mean making up things. She asked everyone to communicate online in a way that is honest and trustworthy.

Now, let’s talk about these “deepfakes” she mentioned. Deepfakes are basically fake pictures or videos created using super smart computer programs. It’s like making a video of someone saying or doing things they never did. Imagine a video of your friend singing a song, but it’s not really them – it’s just a computer trick.

Sara Tendulkar’s statement sheds light on the challenges posed by fake accounts and deepfake content, urging both users and platforms to prioritize truth and authenticity in online interactions.

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