Sammy Manese Cause of Death, which disease did the YouTuber suffer from?

Sammy Manese was a renowned social media personality who passed away on November 29, 2023. He died of complications related to dwarfism syndrome related to complex heart condition.

What happened to Sammy Manese?

Sammy Manese was a well-loved social media personality and a popular content creator on TikTok, and YouTube. He died on November 29, 2023. Sammy Manese’s death has left his beloved followers and fans in deep grief and sorrow.

During his lifetime, Sammy Manese went through various health struggles. However, he continued to share entertaining content, laughter, and joy with his fans.

How did Sammy Manese die? Cause of Death

Sammy Manese’s ultimate demise is attributed to his prevailing and persistent cardiac issues. He dealt with dwarfism syndrome, a kind of genetic condition since childhood. However, on November 29, 2023, Wednesday, Sammy Manese finally passed away. The cause of his death is considered the consistent heart issues that finally led to his passing.

Sammy Manese

Who was Sammy Manese?

Sammy Manese was a renowned social media personality hailing from the Philippines. He was born in 2008 in Manila. Sammy was famous as a YouTube and TikTok content creator. The TikTok Star faced a lot of health challenges due to dwarfism syndrome since childhood. Dwarfism syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the height of an individual and is incurable.

Sammy Manese’s Popularity

Sammy Manese’s popularity can be witnessed by his presence on YouTube and TikTok platforms. He had a huge fan following of 1.3 million YouTube subscribers. Moreover, he also had 300,000 followers on TikTok. In 2019, he began his content creator journey. Some of his engaging content includes viral game challenges, hauls, Q&A videos, and comedy sketches.

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Sammy Manese’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Sammy Manese’s net worth is estimated to be $350,000 US according to tvguidetime.


  1. Who was Sammy Manese?

    She was a renowned social media personality.

  2. How did Sammy Manese die?

    She suffered from cardiac issues.