Ross Stevens Net Worth: How much is the CEO of ‘Stone Ridge Asset Management’ worth?

Ross Stevens, a renowned American personality has invaded media headlines by withdrawing his $100 million donation to the University of Pennsylvania. Let’s delve more into the matter.

Who is Ross Stevens?

Ross Stevens is a renowned and recognized personality hailing from America. He is a finance professional whose impact on the world of finance is commendable. Currently, he serves as the managing director of Stone Ridge Asset Management firm, which he founded in 2012. Ross Stevens is widely considered a prominent figure in the financial industry.

What does Ross Stevens’ ‘Stone Ridge Asset Management’ Do?

Ross Stevens’ firm, Stone Ridge Asset Management, was founded in 2012, with Ross Stevens serving as the CEO, or Chief Executive Officer. Based in New York, Stone Ridge Asset Management specializes in offering hassle-free financial services.

Ross Stevens Net Worth

It is a $20 billion firm specializing in identifying valuable and hard-to-access investment strategies. The company claims to provide innovative solutions to make these strategies accessible in the ’40 Act fund format.

Why is Ross Stevens withdrawing his $100 million donation to the University of Pennsylvania?

According to recent reports, Ross Stevens has decided to withdraw his $100 million donation from UPenn, the University of Pennsylvania. The reason behind this withdrawal, as reported, is to protest the school’s response to antisemitism on campus. It’s worth noting that Ross Stevens, a former alum of the institution, had originally gifted the sum in December 2017 for the establishment of a center for innovation within the university.

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How much is Ross Stevens’s net worth?

As of December 2023, Ross Stevens’ net worth is reported around $1 million as per Moreover, it is to be noted that, the current net worth is based on estimations and approximation. The actual net worth might vary depending on factors such as business ventures, investments, and other sources of income.