11 Hot Simran Khan Web Series To Watch Online At Night

12 Simran Khan Web Series To Watch At Night

Simran Khan is a multi-talented person that works in the industries of dancing, modelling, and acting. She has significantly influenced films, music videos, and web series. Her career initially got its start in the field of modelling. In recent months, she has been in a number of Ullu web series, including “Palang Tod Care Taker,” “Moh,” “Lovely Massage Parlour,” and “Video Calling Hotspot,” among others. Below mentioned are the top 12 Simran Khan web series which you have to check out!

11 Best Simran Khan Web Series:

1. ‘Siyapa’

The Prime Shots online series “Siyapa” revolves around the opposing desires of a father and son, which cause difficulties when a woman by the name of Aliya enters the picture.

Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Simran Khan
Armaan Sandhu
Crew: Director: A.K
Release: 2022

2. ‘Manjulika Rabbit’

A newlywed couple whose husband is taken aback when his wife turns into a ghost on their first night of marriage.

Cast: Simran Khan
Man Singh Karamati
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: Inayat Sheikh
Release: 2021

3. ‘Video Calling Hotspot’

Young Abhinav enjoys his online conversation with Simran Khan till a frightening turn occurs during a video conference.

Hot Simran Khan Web Series
Cast: Simran Khan
Shikha Sinha
Dushyant Vohra
Crew: Director: Jasbir Bhaati
Release: 2021

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4. ‘Manglik’

A stunning girl who is having trouble getting married and seeks advice from a “Jyotish” who notices a fault in her Kundli. Her companions make immoral suggestions.

Cast: Pankaj Anand
Rani Pari
Ritu Rai
Crew: Director: S Rao
Release: 2023

5. ‘Ittefaq’

As the narrative explores the complex relationships between three characters, trust gets hazy in complex situations.

Cast: Mandeep Bamra
Simran Khan
Vinod Lakum
Crew: Director: Soon update
Release: 2021

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6. ‘Lovely Massage Parlour Part 3’

Even if her financial situation is getting worse, Rakhi is adamant that she won’t cross her boundaries for clients. Her husband disagrees with her line of work, and Lovely is suspicious of Rakhi’s motives.

Lovely Massage Parlour Part 3
Cast: Jatin Bhatia
Cindrella D. Cruz
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: V Kumar
Release: 2021

7. ‘Lovely Massage Parlour Part 2’

She is steadfast in her refusal to interact intimately with clients, yet she does get big gratuities from polite interactions.

Lovely Massage Parlour Part 2
Cast: Jatin Bhatia
Cindrella D. Cruz
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: V Kumar
Release: 2021

8. ‘Lovely Massage Parlour’

Rakhi (Anupama Prakash), who is having financial difficulties, asks her friend Juhi (Nidhi Mahawan) at a massage parlour for help. Rakhi explores the “Lovely Massage Parlour” industry without being aware of Juhi’s unscrupulous behaviour.

Cast: Simran Khan
Jatin Bhatia
Nidhi Mahawan
Crew: Director: V Kumar
Release: 2021

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9. ‘Moh’

The Rabbit app’s latest Simran Khan web series has been streaming since February 12th, 2021, delighting fans.

Cast: Simran Khan
Vinod Tripathi
Priyanka Upadhyay
Crew: Director: Gauri Shankar
Release: 2021

10. ‘Palang Tod Caretaker‘

As a sexy physiotherapist is engaged to cure an elderly man’s suffering, secrets come to light, sparking fascination and want.

Cast: Tarakesh Chauhan
Rekha Mona Sarkar
Lalit Dixit
Crew: Director: SSK
Release: 2021

11. ‘Honeymoon Diary’

“Honeymoon Dairy” is a Hindi drama Simran Khan web series available for streaming on the MX Player and Hungama Play OTT platforms.

Honeymoon Diary
Cast: Dhiraj Vijay Dixit
Prakash Tiwari Madhur
Gulshan Pandey
Crew: Director: Pawan Pratap Singh
Release: 2022