8 Best Arohi Barde Web Series To Watch Online

Arohi Barde Web Series

Arohi Barde Web Series– The famous actress was born in Delhi and was destined to film actress. She came into the limelight as Dikksha in the hit web series- Soulmate. Listed below are some of the best Arohi Barde web series that you can watch- 

Top 10 Arohi Barde Web Series

1. Soulmate 

Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Priyanshu Painyuli
Anshul Chauhan
Gareth William Lyngwa
Crew: Director: Tarun
Release: 2018

The story revolves around a guy who gets depressed after a breakup. To get some relief he starts drinking heavily and doing drugs. As time went on he meets Dikhsha and loves to spend time with each other. As time went on she both start to fall in love with each other. 

2. Adhuri Suhaag Raat 

Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Zoya Rathore
Arohi Barde
Prashant Kumar
Crew: Director: Naman
Release: 2020

One of the most erotic Arohi Barde web series on NueFlix. The cast includes Prashant, Arohi Badre, Zoya Rathore and Tilak Baba in a leading role. Because of its sexually explicit content, the web series has garnered quite a fanbase in India. 


3. Charmsukh (Saree Ki Dukaan)

Best Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Arohi Barde
Prashant Mishra
Alisha Narone
Crew: Director: Sanjiv Chadha
Release: 2022

The web series shows the young son of the saree shop owner. He loves to flirt with girls instead of focusing on his career. So, his father decides to bring him to the shop and learn the business. With time he starts to flirt with his customers. 

4. Barkha Bhabhi 

Top Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Rajsi Verma
Prashant Kundir
Sunil Bhargav
Aarohi Barde
Crew: Director: Azaad Bharti
Release: 2022

The blissful life of husband and wife comes to an end when the husband has to leave town due to some work. Desperate for sex and emotional attachment she starts to find solace in her sister-in-law. Watch what happens next. 

5. Miss Chhaya

Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Juhi Chatterjee
Arohi Barde
Rekha Mona Sarkar
Crew: Director: Prag Sharma
Release: 2021

The Arohi Barde web series shows a group of teenagers and their struggles in their daily lives. With time they all learn the importance of relationships, love and friendship in their lives. Sharanya Jit Kaur and Gehana Vasisth has been cast in a leading role. 

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6. Mere Angane Mein

Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Ankita Dave
Arohi Barde
Urzan Ichhaporia
Crew: Director: Ankur Katkar
Release: 2021

A love triangle where the husband falls in love with his wife’s friend. As he is not happy in his marriage and finds comfort in another girl’s arms. Soon things start to change when some unwanted guest arrives in their lives and changes everything. 

7. Kamini Returns

Kamini Returns
Cast: Gehana Vasisth
Arohi Barde
Sagar Kumar
Crew: Director: Vijay Bute
Release: 2020

A horror thriller that shows Kamini making a comeback to take revenge against those who have taken advantage of her in the past. Suddenly things take a drastic turn when Kamini finds a friendly accomplice in her life. 

8. Aamras

Arohi Barde Web Series
Cast: Farhaan Ansari
Payal Patil
Dharmendra Gupta
Crew: Director: Himanchu Bhramabhatt
Release: 2023

Mrs Ghosh is lonely and Vinay is an erotic writer desperate to make big in his life. Mrs Ghosh promises to fulfil all of her desire only on one condition. He must tell her erotic story every night. 

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