12 Best Hot Ayesha Kapoor Web Series to watch online this weekend

Ayesha Kapoor Web Series

Ayesha Kapoor is a well-established actress that mostly works on OTT platforms. Listed below are some of the best Ayesha Kapoor web series that you can watch online this weekend. Keep scrolling- 

Top 12 Ayesha Kapoor web series

1. Mrs Teacher 2 

Ayesha Kapoor web series
Cast: Aliya Naaz and Ayesha Kapoor
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2022

Ayesha Kapoor and Aliyaa Naaz has been cast in the leading role. Both of them will be sharing the screen for the first time. Some of her best work includes Happy Birthday, Shaukeen Uncle, Andha Dhundh and Choodiwala to name a few. 

2. Love Jugad

Ayesha kapoor in llove jugaad
Cast: Khushi Khan
Prem Saxena
Mayank Shekhar
Crew: Director: Sunil Sharma
Release: 2022

Apart from Ayesha, Khushi Khan will be seen in a prominent role. If you are looking for a good erotic web series that is filled with enticing love-making scenes then this will keep you hooked to your TV screens. 

3. Blackmail 

Ayesha Kapoor Palang Tod
Cast: Shubham Vyas
Kanchan Awasthi
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: Sameer Salim Khan
Release: 2021

In Blackmail, Ayesha Kapoor will be seen in a strong bold role. Some of her best hits include Seal 4, Vaishya, Kiss Miss and Baba Rancho to name a few. 

4. Seal 4

Seal 4
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Aliya Naaz
Crew: Director: SSK
Release: 2022

The minute the trailer was released it went viral, generating millions of views. If you are looking for a web series that is packed with action, thrill, love and romance then do check out Seal 4. 

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5. Tigdambaaz 2

Tigdambaaz 2
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Priya Mishra
Ankit Raghav
Crew: Director: Gaurav
Release: 2022

The story revolves around a group of friends that decides to rent a whole house for a full night. They are planning to party but it turns out that a girl is the owner of the house. So, they decide to involve her in the plan too. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

6. Vaishya

Ayesha Kapoor Web Series Hot Scenes
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Mandy Bhullar
Sourav Jain
Crew: Director: Noor Azam Ali Khan
Release: 2022

Ayesha Kapoor will be seen playing the role of a prostitute. But deep down she is a nice naive girl who is only working in the profession due to her poor background. 

7. Baba Rancho

Ayesha Kapoor Ullu Web Series
Cast: Zeliya Christopher
Pooja Poddar
Bhavna Rokade
Ayesha Kapoor
Crew: Director: Ravi Prasad
Release: 2022

A “Dhongi Baba” is giving frauding people through their devotion and beliefs. But behind closed doors, he is using his devotees to satisfy his physical pleasures. 

8. Dil Do

Cast: Taniya Chaterjee
Priya Gamre
Vihaan Kapoor
Ayesha Kapoor
Crew: Director: S. Kumar
Release: 2022

The story revolves around a same-sex relationship. It shows two girls falling in love with each other. If you like bold erotic scenes between same-sex then do check out this web series.

9. Jhol

Jhol Web Series
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Ekta More
Mandy Bhullar
Crew: Director: AK
Release: 2022

A loving couple comes to a sad point where the wife is caught by her husband cheating. Soon things took a drastic turn. The web series is filled with many twists and turns that will keep you engaged till the very end. 

10. Siyapa

Siyapa Web Series
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: AK
Release: 2022

The Ayesha Kapoor web series revolves around a romantic relationship between sasur and his soon-to-be bahu. Father wants to marry his girlfriend despite being married. Later it turns out that the girl is pregnant with her father-in-law’s child. Watch the web series on the ullu app to know what happens next. 

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11. Seal 2

Seal 2
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Crew: Director: Soon update
Release: 2022

The Ayesha Kapoor web series has action and thrill with a pinch of romance. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

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12. My Cousin Sister

My Cousin Sister
Cast: Ayesha Kapoor
Meeta Mitra
Divyanshu Singh
Crew: Director: Azaad Bharti
Release: 2020

Ayesha Kapoor will be seen alongside Meeta Mintra, Divyanshu Singh and Anup Gahoi to name a few.