5 Ekta More Web Series Which You Should Watch At Night

Actress, model, and influencer Ekta More is well-known for her work in online series. Her captivating web series Taxi served as the foundation for her career. She continues to work with the several OTT platforms with which she has previously been affiliated. Below mentioned are the few best web series in which Ekta More has acted and we think you should check them out!

5 Ekta More Web Series:

1. ‘Ranjish’

The family at the center of the Ekta More web series goes through a divorce that prompts the husband to initiate an affair with the maid. As a final resort, their daughter, who prefers females, looks into dating the maid. A young man moves in, underlining the characters’ contempt for social norms in the pursuit of their own ambitions, while the wife learns the truth.

Cast: Kamalika Chanda
Ekta More
Kamana Newar
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2023

2. ‘Sautele’

On the Prime Play digital streaming platform, the much-awaited sexual web series presented its first look poster. While the recently published trailer offers some clues into the tale, fans eagerly await its release, which is anticipated to happen soon.

Cast: Ekta More
Kamalika Chanda
Deepak Dutt Sharma
Fravash Ranjan
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2022

3. ‘Laila’

Laila, a maid employed by a household, is the main character in the story. All the male family members are captivated by Laila’s breathtaking beauty. Laila, on the other hand, seems to have a covert objective as she engages with both the father and son.

Cast: Ekta More
Crew: Director: satti bhaipura
Release: 2022

4. ‘Taxi’

The story follows Priyanka, a model who is threatened with losing her assignments and is set during the COVID lockdown. She takes a different route to fulfill her desires and pay bills. She runs across a taxi driver on the way, which causes the story to take an unexpected turn.

Cast: Ekta More
Gaurav Mehta ,Talwinder Singh
Crew: Director: Satti Bhairupa
Release: 2022

5. ‘Jhol’

The couple at the center of the Ekta More web series finds out that their wife is having an affair with her friend. The story leads the characters through a variety of shocking and dramatic incidents that are full of turns and turns.

Cast: Ekta More
Ayesha Kapoor
Crew: Director: AK
Release: 2022