12 Korean Sexy Movies To Watch This Weekend Alone

Koren songs, web series, and tasty food have made their way to our hearts already. We often love to watch cute rom-com films with heart-melting endings. But when it comes to the ‘hot’ genre films, Korean movies are a step ahead. With an amazing storyline, plot, and production they’re ready to get viewers in their mood. In this life we have put down some hot and naughty movies, below are 10 Korean sexy movies to watch during the winter.

10 Best Korean Sexy Movies:

12. A Frozen Flower

Cast: Zo In-sung
Song Ji-Hyo
Ju Jin-mo
Crew: Director:
Shin Jae Myung
Kim Su-Jin-I
Ha Yoo
Release: 2008

Perhaps a controversial movie as it deals with homosexuality. It is based on the Koryo dynasty, where the movie shows the relationship between the king and his bodyguard. It was considered taboo because of the class difference and the genre barrier.

11. Portrait of a Beauty

Best Korean Sexy Movies
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Gyu-ri Kim
Yeong-ho Kim
Kim Nam-gil
Crew: Director: Yun-su Jeon
Release: 2008

A woman who is born into a family of court painters gets taught after painting. Later she gets forced into joining the work as her brother died of suicide and she must lead on with her family’s name.

10. A Muse

Cast: Park Hae-il
Kim Mu-yeol
Kim Go-eun
Crew: Director: Ji-woo Jung
Release: 2012

Poet Lee Jeok-yo is greatly fond of his disciple Seo Ji-woo. The two men get shaken when Han Eun-gyo enters their lives.

9. Untold Scandal

Untold Scandal
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon
Lee Mi-sook
Yong-jun Bae
Crew: Director: Je-yong Lee
Release: 2003

Lady Cho challenges an attractive man, Lord Jo-won to sleep with her husband’s upcoming young wife, if he gets to do that, Lady Cho agrees to sleep with him in the future.

8. Happy End

Happy End
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Choi Min-sik
Jeon Do-yeon
Ju Jin-mo
Crew: Director: Ji-woo Jung
Release: 1999

The husband loses his job due to his performance issues. The wife steps up to be the breadwinner of the family. She later gets involved in adultery and starts cheating on her husband almost every day.

7. The Servant

The Servant
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Ju-hyuk Kim
Ryu Seung-beom
Cho Yeo-jeong
Crew: Director: Dae-woo Kim
Release: 2010

A servant and his master get attracted to the same girl. The girl in return likes the servant, but she chooses his master instead to upgrade her social class and position.

6. Scarlet Innocence

Scarlet Innocence
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Jung Woo-sung
So-young Park
Crew: Director: Pil-sung Yim
Release: 2014

Deokee gets used by her college professor but later gets disowned and abandoned. She comes back after 8 years to seek revenge while the professor is blind.

5. Secret Love

Cast: Hwang Jeong-eum
Ji Sung
Soo-bin Bae
Crew: Director: Eung Bok Lee
Release: 2013

A newlywed guy goes into a coma due to a car accident. The wife visits him daily and crosses paths with his husband’s twin, and stated feeling attracted to him strongly.

4. A Good Lawyer’s Wife

A Good Lawyer's Wife
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Moon So-ri
Hwang Jung-min
Youn Yuh-jung
Crew: Director: Im Sang-soo
Release: 2003

While her husband was always away for work, the wife was not satisfied at all. She one day gets to know a teenager young boy. Given she is already desperate, bored, horny, and unstafiested. They started being in an extramarital affair.

3. The Concubine

Cast: Cho Yeo-jeong
Kim Dong-wook
Kim Min-joon
Crew: Director: Dae-seung Kim
Release: 2012

Hwa-Yeon is the daughter of a reputed nobleman of a county. She gradually falls in love with the servant. Meanwhile, Prince Sungwon, who’s the kind of the empire falls in love with her. The tragic love story is full of unpredicted twists and turns.

2. Addicted

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Timmy Xu
Johnny Huang
Tao Song
Crew: Director: Wei Ding
Release: 2016

Twin brothers tragically meet in an accident and die. They both were being taken care of by the wife of the older brother. A year later when the younger brother gets his senses back, he starts behaving like his older one. Will his wife accept him as his husband or should she wait?

1. Forbidden Quest

Forbidden Quest
Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Han Suk-Kyu
Lee Beom-su
Kim Min-Jung
Crew: Director: Kim Dae-Woo
Release: 2009

While being a writer for an empire, the writer writes erotic literature for his readers. He even wrote about the king and queen of the 8th-century Chosun dynasty. After writing it, he finds himself in love with his creation and the queen.

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