10 Best Prime Flix Web Series that are worth your time in 2024

Prime Flix Web Series

Prime Flix Web Series-The emerging  OTT platform has been gaining a lot of momentum in India lately. Listed below are some of the best Prime Flix Web Series which you can enjoy this weekend. Let’s start.- 

Top 10 Prime Flix Web Series

1. The Last Night (2019)

Prime Flix Web Series
Cast: Amit Pandey
Pran Mohan
Prem Kumar
Crew: Director: Shahid Kazmi
Release: 2019

The hit horror Prime Flix web series revolves around a family who shits to a new house which a haunted by an evil force. Soon things take a drastic turn when a lot of paranormal activities start to happen. With no options left, they decide to take the matter into their own hand. 

2. Desi Romeo (2019)

Best Prime Flix Web Series
Cast: Samayera Khan
Gurmeet Kaur Sidhu
Crew: Director: Shivom Yadav
Release: 2019

If you are looking for a good erotic romantic web series then this one is right on your alley.  It explores sex and eroticism through different perspectives and will keep you hooked till the very end. The bold scene in the web series will perfectly hit your sensual nerves. 

3. Bhadkhau (2020)

Top Prime Flix Web Series
Cast: Sakshee Gandhi
Anil Nagarkar
Sneha Joshi
Crew: Director: Shailesh Dere
Release: 2020

Santya is about to get married and feels excited to start her new life with her soon-to-be husband. However, she is more excited about her honeymoon. Things become more interesting when he receives a note of Rs 500 with Bhadkhau written on it. 

4. Kamya Sutra (2020)

Mokshita Raghav web series
Cast: Mokshita Raghav
Karan Sharma
Rajat Malhotra
Crew: Director: Deepak Kumar
Release: 2020

Vivek and Kamya are a married couple enjoying their honeymoon. Once they are back, things take starts to get serious with the husband busy at work while working on household activities. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

5. Ghost Leela (2020)

Prime Flix Web Series - Ghosst Leela
Cast: Mushtaq Khaan
Vinod Dixit
Arjun Manhas
Crew: Director: update soon
Release: 2020

Quite a peculiar love story where the girl has feelings for a person who is not alive anymore. She loves Leon who died many years ago. In the meantime, Arjun loves the girl but she is not interested in him. Watch the web series on Prime Flix to know what happens next. 

6. Khujate Raho (2020)

Cast: Surabhi Tiwari
Manoj Joshi
Sanjay M Bhatia
Crew: Director: Ashish Ubale
Release: 2020

The plot of this Prime Flix web series revolves around a group of 5 old aged men who are looking for some fun with a young hooker. With their age, they feel a bit hesitant. Will they be able to manage the small fun or will it lead to serious consequences? 

7. I Deal Friendship (2020)

I Deal Friendship (2020)
Cast: Devraj Varma
Dheeraj Nagar
Mahesh Rajput
Crew: Director: Rishi Raj Arya
Release: 2020

A murder mystery with nail-biting suspense. Ankush Desai has been found dead and his bff Kush who is a drug addict has been charged with his murder. Will he be able to prove his innocence or will he be punished for a murder which he didn’t do?

8. Come Inside (2020)

 Come Inside (2020)
Cast: Shivanya Mehrara
Prity Maurya
Kunal Singh Rajput
Crew: Director: Satrughn R. Goswami
Release: 2020

The story of this Prime Flix web series is about a sweet and naive girl who seems not so innocent. Her true face starts to come out as the story moves ahead. Plus, a police officer is in love with her and wants something meaningful with her. 

9. Ishqholics

Cast: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary
Shrutika Gaokkar
Tariq Imtyaz
Crew: Director: Shahid Kazmi
Release: 2019

The web series showcases 3 love stories filled with love and lust. A guy is in love with an older woman while the woman is bi-sexual and also loves another girl. Plus, a couple is in love but feels bored with each other. 

10. Junoon-E-Ishq

Cast: Nikita Soni
Rajkumar Kanojia
Shiny Dixit
Crew: Director: Rajendra Rathor
Release: 2019

Gulbaz is an obsessed lover and desperate for Shiba’s attention. However, things take an interesting turn when it is revealed that Sahiba loves a guy named Raja.