10 Hot Erotic Desi Bhabhi Web Series to Watch Online This Weekend

Desi Bhabhi Web Series-  If you like erotic web series then you know what desi bhabhi means. It basically an erotic genre that shows married ladies and their wild sexual desires. Listed below are some of the best desi bhabhi web series that need to be on your watchlist. Keep scrolling- 

Top 10 Desi Bhabhi Web Series

1. XXX

Desi Bhabhi Web Series
Cast: Rithvik Dhanjani
Kyra Dutt
Pryanca Talukdar
Crew: Director: Ken Ghosh
Release: 2018

A married lady is looking for new ways to explore her sexuality through online hookups. Soon things got out of control leading to deadly consequences. If you like rose and hardcore erotic web series then this is right on your alley. 

2. Ragini MMS: Returns

Ragini MMS: Returns
Cast: Varun Sood
Divya Agarwal
Kunal Thakur
Crew: Director: Suyash Vadhavkar
Release: 2017

Based on the hit horror movie. It revolves around a group of friends that stumble upon a sinister ghost making their girl’s trip a living nightmare. Not for the faint-hearted people. 

3. Gandii Baat

Gandii Baat
Cast: Avantika Mishra
Vanya Singh Rajput
Kunwar Vikram Soni
Crew: Director: Sachin Mohite
Release: 2018

A murder mystery that shows a murder in rural India. It is a perfect infusion of horror, erotic, lust, love and betrayal. It also highlights same-sex relationships in rural India. 

4. CyberSquad

Cast: Shonita Joshi
Rohan Shah
Omkar Kulkarni
Crew: Director: Saurabh Arora
Release: 2017

A group of friends work as hackers during the day and cyber vigilantes at night. The aim is to expose the dark secret of people with their tech skills. Soon things take a drastic turn when the game of cat and mouse starts. 

5. Virgin Bhasskar

Virgin Bhasskar
Cast: Joshi Anantvijay
Jiya Shankar
Rutpanna Aishwarya
Crew: Director: Sangeeta Rao
Release: 2019

One of the most popular desi bhabhi web series. It shows a struggling writer having conflicts with personal relationships and desires. The show aims to explore sexuality and relationship in today’s world. 

6. Palang Tod Caretaker

Palang Tod Caretaker
Cast: Tarakesh Chauhan
Rekha Mona Sarkar
Lalit Dixit
Crew: Director: SSK
Release: 2021

A steamy love affair between a married woman and a caretaker. Soon husband caught the wind of it and hire a detective to find the truth. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

7. Bhabhi ke Naam Chitra

Bhabhi ke Naam Chitra
Cast: Ruks Khandagale
Leena Singh
Preeti Puneet Kaur
Crew: Director: Sameer Salim Khan
Release: 2023

Chitra is a married lady but is unhappy with her husband. Soon she starts to get along with her neighbour Raghu. But Raghu has different intentions and one day records their private moments and uploads it on the internet. Stroy takes a drastic turn when Chitra’s in-laws and husband find out about this. 

8. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 4

Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 4
Cast: Jinnie Jaaz
Dinesh Vidya
Lalit Dixit
Crew: Director: Sameer Salim Khan
Release: 2021

Shivani is having a passionate love affair with her brother-in-law Karan. Both cross every boundary to make them feel special and loved. With time, their relationship comes to a light leading to a lot of criticism from society. 

9. Charmsukh – Behrupiya

Charmsukh – Behrupiya
Cast: Saumya Tiwari
Nidhi Mahawan
Crew: Director: Shubhobroto Sengupta
Release: 2019

Small-town married girl Anurpiya becomes a target of a stalker. Soon her life turns upside down leading to a lot of struggle while keeping her family safe from a dangerous guy. 

10. Palang Tod – Double Dose

Cast: Rajsi Verma
Rukmani Khandagale
Sagar Bhatt
Crew: Director: Sameer Salim Khan
Release: 2021

The hot desi bhabhi web series revolves around a group of bhabhi and their peculiar sexual desires. Each episode shows a new bhabhi and her sexual cravings. It is filled with enticing love-making scenes that will keep you hooked to your TV screens.