12 Ullu Upcoming Web Series in 2024, We Can’t Wait To Watch in 2023

ullu upcoming web series

Today we gonna be exploring the ullu upcoming web series that we make your new year full of excitement and sensual love-making scenes. As ullu is known for serving hot erotic web series, it’s better to watch these upcoming series alone, in your room. Most of this series also touches on the harsh reality of life that makes you question a person’s intentions. Keep scrolling- 

Top ullu upcoming web series

1. Garam Masala

The plot shows a girl getting married to a guy and leaving in their house as a daughter-in-law. Although she may look sweet and innocent but she holds a sinister plan. Above all, she does black magic to help her with anything she wants. 

Cast: Pihu Kanojia
Alina Sen
Crew: Director:
Release: 2023

2. Khalish Part 1

Cast: Priya Gamre
Aliya Naaz
Bhanu Suryam Thakur
Crew: Director: Bhomik Gaikwad
Release: 2023

The upcoming ullu web series shows a sweet relationship between a bahu and a saas. One day bahu finds out that saas loves a guy in the neighbourhood. She decides to take the matter into her own hand and help her saas to make the guy falls in love with her. She starts to teach her a few sexual tricks that can make any man fall in love. 

3. Jaanch Padtal

Cast: Ishwar Aggarwal
Mukti Bose
Alka Chatwal
Crew: Director: Punit Goyal
Release: 2023

Kamla is a sweet girl who loves her boyfriend very much and even wants to get married. Surprisingly her father set her up with an arraigned marriage leaving her heartbroken. Watch the upcoming web series on ullu to know what happens next.

4. Namak Part 2

Namak - Upcoming Ullu Web Series
Cast: Suman Das
Muskan Agrawal
Anupam ghai
Crew: Director: Yogesh Ojha
Release: 2023

The story is about an unsatisfied married woman. She never feels sexually satisfied with her husband because of high sexual demands in bed and something her husband is not comfortable doing. In order to find the solution to it, she soon finds a lot of men find her attractive. Her husband finds a great deal to satisfy her sexual cravings. But the decision backfires and now the husband had to deal with it. 

5. Watchman

Upcoming Ullu Web Series
Cast: Divyendra Singh
Vishesh Arora
Abhiraj Singh
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2023

This ullu upcoming web series has quite an interesting plotline i.e bold and filled with creative sexual fantasies. The story is about a watchman who has a lot of sexual craves for ladies living in his society. He has mainly focused on 3 ladies from his society, it is even shown in the trailer. Watch the series to know what happens after that, will he succeed in luring these ladies or remain just a looker for their beauty? 

6. Imli

Imli Ullu Web Series
Cast: Nehal Vadoliya
Basant Kumar
Vivek Tripathi
Crew: Director: Punit Goyal
Release: 2023

Another upcoming web series on the ullu where a famous actress Nehal Vadoliya has been cast in the main lead. Imli is an ambitious girl hailing from a rural area of Gujarat who wants to become an actress. Soon she shifts her base to Mumbai to follow her passion. Watch imli to know if will she be able to achieve her dreams. 

7. Rikshawala

Rikshawala Web Series Ullu
Cast: Jinnie Jaaz
Dhiraj Rai
Manvi Chugh
Crew: Director: AFI
Release: 2023

It is about Raju, a rickshaw driver who is struggling financially to make ends meet in the hard life of Mumbai. In order to provide a better life for his kids he needs to face his own personal demons and make choices that may hinder his existence. The best part of the series is how they show the raw and authentic reality of Mumbai. It shows the fast life and the dangerous streets of the city, most people in Mumbai struggle to live their life. The series touches on many sensitive issues including social inequality, and poverty in a thought-provoking way. 

8. Dream Girl

Dream Girl
Cast: Pooja Poddar
Bharti Jha
Rajnish Jaiswal
Crew: Director: Raifee
Release: 2023

An Indian web series is all set to be released on 12th January 2023. Nimritha has been cast in the main lead. The story is about a man who likes to live in his own fantasy world. One day he meets the girl of his dreams. Watch to know what happens when he finally has the person he always looking for. 

9. Mohan Chabiwala

Cast: Ishika Bose
Ekta More
Dileep Dubey
Crew: Director: Punit Goyal
Release: 2023

The upcoming Ullu web series stars seductive diva Aritaa Misti Paul in the lead role. The series is all set to hit the platform in February 2023. Talking about the plot, ‘Mohan Chabiwala’ is the story of a key man, who duplicates a house key for a robbery, but when Mohan enters the house, he sees a woman changing hr clothes. He records her video, and blackmails her and make sexual relationship.

10. Love Guru – Season 2

Cast: Gehna Vashishth
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2023

The sequel to the popular ullu web series ‘Love Guru’ features Rajsi Verma, Pooja Poddar and Shakespeare in the lead and will release on the ott platform on February 24, 2023.

11. Farebi Yaar

Ullu Upcoming Web Series - Farebi Yaar
Cast: Bharti Jha
Suman Das
Jayshree Gaikwad
Crew: Director: Yogesh Ojha
Release: 2023

Another much-awaited ullu upcoming web series could be your erotic dose this month. The series, which will be released on the 18+ OTT platform, will be released on 03 February, 2023, and will star Jayashree Gaikwad as the female lead.

12. Badan

Cast: Aayushi Jaiswal
Ashraf Ahmed
Vishesh Gupta
Crew: Director: Uday Modi
Release: 2023

Releasing in February 2023, this erotic upcoming ullu web series features Ayushi Jaiswal in female lead, who has also worked in popular ullu series, ‘Lady Finger’.