4 Garima Jain Web Series to binge-watch online this weekend

Garima Jain Web Series

Garima Jain Web Series– The famous actress and singer need no introduction. Apart from her acting career, she is well trained Kathak dancer, even got her name featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing 1000 rounds in just 9 minutes and 2 seconds. Listed below are some of the best Garima Jain web series that you can binge-watch this weekend.

Top Garima Jain Web Series

1. Gaachi

Garima Jain
Cast: Priya Gamre
Ankita Dave
Garima Jain
Crew: Director: Jasbir Bhaati
Release: 2022

The web series revolves around a female prostitute. She lives and works in a rural village. Every guy in the village wants to sleep with her including married men. The series is filled with enticing sex scenes that will keep you hooked to your TV screens. The cast includes Priya Gamre, Jaya Pandey and Garima Jain to name a few. With time, she meets a guy and starts falling for him. But with her work and reputation, it becomes hard to accept his love and live a respectable life in the village. Performance from the cast is commendable and received a lot of appreciation from the cast. 

2. Gaachi 2

Garima Jain Web Series
Cast: Ankita Dave
Priya Gamre
Garima Jain
Crew: Director: jasbir bhati
Release: 2022

As discussed above, the story is about a prostitute working in a rural village. One day she falls in love with a guy and decides to fulfil all her sexual desire with him. But at the same time, one family member finds out about this and decides to take the matter to the village’s Panchayat. Watch the series on the ullu app to know what happens next. As discussed above, in Part 2, their relationship comes to light and the matter is now in the local Panchayat where the woman will be put in the centre to discuss her reputation and on what terms she will work and live in the village. 

3. Mastram

Cast: Anshuman Jha
Tara-Alisha Berry
Jagat Rawat
Crew: Director: Harish Vyas
Release: 2020

The story is about a small-town clerk who aspires to become a famous reputed writer. His dreams of becoming a notable writer are only supported by his wife. As a side job, he writes erotic passionate novels under the ghost name. Slowly, his novels garner quite a fanbase thus creating a fan following for him. 

4. Gandii Baat

Gandii Baat
Cast: Avantika Mishra
Vanya Singh Rajput
Kunwar Vikram Soni
Crew: Director: Sachin Mohite
Release: 2018

One of the most popular web series on ALT Balaji. The series is a thriller, suspense, love and lust. If you are looking for murder suspense then this series won’t let you down. Soon with his success, he starts to get confident in the work he once lost due to financial struggle. Now he has the option to either keep on working as a clerk or quite his job and starts writing erotic novels full-time. Watch the web series on ALT Balaji to know what happens next. 

5. XXX: Uncensored

XXX: Uncensored
Cast: Rithvik Dhanjani
Kyra Dutt
Pryanca Talukdar
Crew: Director: Ankush Bhatt
Release: 2018

Well the name in itself will tell you what the web series is all about. XXX explore various shades of love and sexuality. Make sure you are alone when start watching it as it contains explicit sexual scenes.