5 Hot Nikhita Chopra Web Series to Enjoy when you are alone

Nikhita Chopra Web Series

Nikhita Chopra Web Series – The famous Nikhita Chopra is one of the emerging faces in the entertainment industry. Listed below are some of the best Nikhita Chopra Web Series that you can check out and enjoy in your free time. Keep scrolling- 

Top 5 Nikhita Chopra Web Series 

1. Hello Mini 2

Nikhita Chopra Web Series
Cast: Anuja Joshi
Mrinal Dutt
Anshul Pandey
Priya Banerjee
Crew: Director: Arjun Srivastava
Release: 2021

Mini is a sweet girl who recently shifted to start her new job in a new city. She loves her boyfriend Danny and is planning to get married. Soon things start to change when a stalker starts to follow her every move. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

2. Khul Ja Sim Sim

Khul Ja Sim Sim
Cast: Nikhita Chopra
Kundan Kumar
Devesh Siwal
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2020

The story revolves around a married couple named Simran and her husband. She loves to experiment with new things in bed and is excited to start her sex life. Unfortunately, her husband is not interested in lovemaking because of his deficiency. 

3. Khul Ja Sim Sim 2

Khul Ja Sim Sim 2
Cast: Nikhita Chopra
Kundan Kumar
Devesh Siwal
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2020

As discussed above, the newly married couple are having conflicts due to the girl’s sexual urges. She is sexually unsatisfied with her marriage and wants to find a solution to it. Soon she starts to look for physical satisfaction outside of marriage. 

4. Shaadi Jasoos

Shaadi Jasoos - Nikhita Chopra web series
Cast: Nikhita Chopra
Ayush Shrivastava
Nabeel Mirajkar
Crew: Director: Vikram Ghai
Release: 2018

A fun comedy web series that revolves around 4 investigating officers investing their own family background in order to find a relevant girl for their marriage. The web series is filled with a great sense of humour and commendable performance from the cast. You can watch the web series on Discovery Jeet. 

5. D4 Get Up and Dance

D4 Get Up and Dance
Cast: Nikhita Chopra
Utkarsh Gupta
Swasti Kapur
Crew: Director: Ankkitha Maithy
Release: 2016

The web series is about a girl named Niharika Sinha who goes by the stage name Baby. She lives in Delhi and aspires to become a great dancer. Her idol is Mikhail Shah, a famous dancer and choreographer from Goa. One day she gets a chance to become Shah’s manager but with time both start to fall in love with each other.