7 Priyanka Biswas Web Series To Watch Alone

4 Priyanka Biswas Web Series To Watch Alone

Priyanka Biswas is commended for her work on music videos and web series. She was born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, and began her career with a picture shoot before making a breakout in miniseries. She works with several Ott services, and her music videos on YouTube have received a tonne of watches. Web series that address erotic concepts and interactions through a serialized structure are known as erotic content, and they frequently feature adult material and strong language. So if you’re into some good erotic quality web series you should check out some of the famous, Priyanka Biswas web series this weekend!

7 Priyanka Biswas Web Series:

1. ‘Socketwali’

It is widely accepted that a movie or web series’ success or failure depends more on the narrative than on its performers. The redesigned Kooku system upholds this philosophy in their ongoing efforts to give their prospective web series viewers the greatest unique experience. This is clear in their most recent album, “Socketwali,” which chronicles the adulterous sex between the couple’s spouses as well as the proprietor of the e-commerce company Socketwali.com.

Cast: Priyanka Biswash
Md. Habib
Deep Singh
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2021

2. ‘Bhabhi Ji Hajir Hai’

The lovely and alluring performer Priyanka Biswas, who has been in the Cinema Dosti Gold online series “One Night Stand” and “Gori Chamdi,” stars as the series’s host.

Cast: Priyanka Biswas
Crew: Director: S. Mukherjee
Release: 2021

3. ‘Kacha Kach Room Khali Hai’

The combination of “Hindi Hot Web Series” and “Hindi Hot Short Film” in connected clips within the same website seems to imply that the storyline comes under the umbrella of mature content or sensuality.

Cast: Priyanka Biswas
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2021

4. ‘Antarvasna’

It is challenging for a woman in her middle years who is wedded with a 12-year-old daughter to find the time for herself. She is continuously balancing a husband who ignores her demands and an infinite list of domestic duties.

Cast: Vinney Singh
Pooja Singh Rajpoot
Priyanka Chaurasia
Crew: Director: Porus
Release: 2022

5. Couch

Priyanka Biswas Web Series
Cast: Barnita Biswas
Crew: Director: A. Khan
Release: 2021

An actress receives opportunities from a producer in return for favours. But when a fresh actress shows in and starts dating him, both women come to realise they were duped. In an effort to exact revenge on the producer, they band together.

6. Rasabali 3

Cast: Barnita Biswas
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2020

When women enter a man’s life, his entire universe changes. The contrary of what he had anticipated turned out to be true. His attempts to learn about new things just make him feel more mystified and confused.

7. Love in Goa

Cast: Priyanka Biswas, Manvi Chugh, and, Aayat Shaikh
Crew: Director: SG
Release: 2022

As two daring young ladies reunite in Goa and share special and unforgettable experiences, their lives are brought together.