6 Best Pamela Mondal Web Series to watch online this Season

Pamela Mondal Web Series

Pamela Mondal Web Series– Pamela Mondal is a famous Indian actress who primarily works in erotic web series on various platforms. She has been a part of many hit web series throughout her career. With that said we are going to be counting down some of the best Pamela Mondal web series that are worth talking about. Let’s start

Best Pamela Mondal Web series to watch online

1. Prabha Ki Diary

Pamela Mondal
Cast: Manini Mishra
Pamela Mondal
Anusmriti Sarkar
Crew: Director: Sanjay Amar
Release: 2020

The story is about a married woman who is unsatisfied with her marriage, she is desperate to win her husband’s love ad does everything in her power to make him feel loved. Soon a guy enters her life, at first, she tries hard to resist him and shut her feelings but couldn’t. The lost passion re-ignites and opens her heart to feel what he desires to give to her. The series explores female sexuality. 

2. Gandii Baat

Pamela Mondal Web Series
Cast: Avantika Mishra
Vanya Singh Rajput
Kunwar Vikram Soni
Crew: Director: Sachin Mohite
Release: 2018-2023

The series is one of the most popular web series on ALT Balaji, it revolves around a murder with all characters showing borderline psychopath tendencies. All stories in the season highlight a wide range of human emotions perfectly. Plus, the series has amazing sex scenes that will surely keep your interest. 

3. Palang Tod –  Mom & Daughter

Palang Tod -  Mom & Daughter
Cast: Shikha Batra
Sachin Kumar
Shivangi Roy
Crew: Director: Nanndita Kothari
Release: 2020

The series is a love triangle, but a peculiar love triangle involving a mom, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. I know this might seem a little confusing but once you start watching the series, the plotline of the series id definitely be worth your time. 

4. Madhosh Diaries – Good Wife

Madhosh Diaries - Good Wife
Cast: Natasha Rajeshwari
Pamela Mondal
Captain Armaan
Crew: Director: Mohit Garg
Release: 2021

The naive wife says goodbye to her sweet husband who is going on a business trip. But her husband has a different plan, in reality, he has made plans with her mistress. The not-so-naive wife later finds out about this and hatches a plan to do something unthinkable. 

5. Ghapa Ghap 

Ghapa Ghap - Pamela Mondal web series ullu
Cast: Anupriya Goenka 
Aman Verma 
Upen Chauhan 
Crew: Director: Deepak Pandey 
Release: 2022

The Pamela Mondal web series is filled with bold scenes. It shows the couple getting hot and heavy when the thieves break into their home in order to steal money. First, they go for the money and later they tie the husband and beat him while taking advantage of the wife. In the meantime, a shocking revelation comes into the light that makes you question loyalty and true love. Pamela Mondal has been cast in the leading role alongside Shashank Mishra and Ashish Sablawat. 

6. Palang Tod Kirayedar

Cast: Pamela Mondal
Ram Awana
Hina Khan
Crew: Director: SSK
Release: 2022

The web series is about a tenant of a house looking to satisfy their sexual desire. Soon she meets a local boy who gives her all kinds of pleasure at every right angle. Watch the web series on the ullu app as the drama unfolds. Pamela Mondal has been cast as a lady who is sexually unsatisfied in her marriage.