10 Best Anupama Prakash Web Series To Watch Online At Night

Anupama Prakash is a lovely and attractive starlet with a sizable social networking site supporter base. She is well-known for her performances in South India, Bollywood, and video content. Anupama Prakash has participated in numerous public events and is a spokesperson for goods and services. Her web series are very bold and well-enjoyed by adults. Here we are going to court down the 10 best Anupama Prakash web series, which you can enjoy alone at night.

10 Best Anupama Prakash Web Series:

1. ‘Chuhiya’

In this Anupama Prakash web series, the feudal system, oppression of women, and India’s educational system are all examined in this narrative with the greatest detail. No number of federal support, including “Beti Bachaao.. Beti Padhaao,” has been capable of halting the terrible practice that divides people based on their Class and Gender, which is driven by antiquated religious tenets.

Cast: Hyder Kazmi
Onkar Das Manikpuri
Anupama Prakash
Crew: Director: Hyder Kazmi
Release: 2022

2. ‘Parlok 1’

The phantom that stalks individuals in the dark and paralyzes them as they slumber was the central theme of Parlok’s first season.

Cast: Lokesh Kumar Aggarwal
Amit Auumkaar
Ajay Bafna
Crew: Director: Pradeep Gupta
Release: 2021

3. ‘Mohini’

In the year 2021, Rabbit application launched the thriller video series, Mohini. The reputation and number of users of the Rabbit app increased because of this mini-series. The online drama is starred by Razia Khanam and starlet Anupama Prakash. For their roles in the intriguing introductory video, both women are well-known.

Cast: Anupama Prakash
Pooja Kashyap
Razia Khanam
Crew: Director: Parvez Alam
Release: 2020

4. ‘Raat Baaki Baat Baaki’

Is the spouse of someone’s employer the individual who visits the home of the girl who adores her supervisor? Let’s find out what transpires in this section. A very intriguing web series to check out.

Cast: Abhansh Kumar
Sapna Prasad
Anupama Prakash
Crew: Director: Tarun R. Takshy
Release: 2021

5. ‘Woodpecker

The story of this Anupama Prakash web series centers around an entrepreneur’s livelihood. His history follows him as he continues to make riches and grow in stature. All of that changes when a woman joins his life. His lavish lifestyle has a secret. Will his wealth be harmed or will he be able to avoid all the problems?

Cast: Parag Tyagi
Ira Soni
Nehal Vadoliya
Crew: Director: Rajesh Patel
Release: 2020

6. ‘Prabha ki Diary Season 2’

The protagonist of the narrative is an unhappy woman who longs to gain her partner’s affection but fails to do so. As a newcomer enters her world, she eventually finds herself drawn to him.

Cast: Prashantt Guptha
Vruti Jagda
Naaz Khan
Crew: Director: Sanjay Amar
Release: 2020

7. ‘Mohini 3’

The lives of five relatives and close companions will be the focus of the Mohini narrative. Circumstances from Mohini 3 occur in their lives. However, all of them face challenges. The third installment of Mohini is a dramatization containing crude language.

Cast: Anupama Prakash
Priyanka Upadhyay
Crew: Director: Parvej Alam
Release: 2021

8. Lovely Massage Parlour Part 2


Cast: Jatin Bhatia
Cindrella D. Cruz
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: V Kumar
Release: 2021

After her worried supervisor evaluates Rakhi’s masseuse skills, she gets the job. She doesn’t get close to her clients and keeps her distance from them, but she still gets huge tips just from cordial interactions.

9. Prabha ki Diary The Wife

Cast: Pratik Dixit
Manish Jain
Manini Mishra
Crew: Director: Sanjay Amar
Release: 2021

Although Romila fails to conceive, her husband is smitten by her beauty and grace. Unluckily, she is tricked and invaded by her husband’s crafty brother, who takes advantage of her openness and her deepest desires. Romila is startled when her fertility is revealed, exposing her husband’s sensitive truths and permanently jeopardising her own well-being.

10. Lovely Massage Parlour Part 3


Cast: Anupama Prakash
Nidhi Mahawan
Simran Khan
Crew: Director: V Kumar
Release: 2021

Rakhi’s financial situation is getting worse, but she is unwavering in her resolve to uphold her limits and avoid providing for her clients in unsuitable ways. Rakhi’s spouse despises her line of work, and Lovely is sceptical of Rakhi’s motives.