10 Best Khushi Mukherjee Web Series and Movies To Watch Online

7 Bo*ld And Entertaining Khushi Mukherjee Web Series and Movies To Watch

Bhojpuri performer Khushi Mukherjee is well-known for her efforts in the Bhojpuri film business. She has appeared in a number of Bhojpuri films and has developed a sizable fan base among those who enjoy these films. “Mai Hu Hero No. 1”, “Chhapra Express”, “Sasura Bada Paisawala 2”, “A Balma Bihar Wala 2”, and “Ranbhoomi” are a few of her well-known Bhojpuri films. Here we are going to count down some of the best Khushi Mukherjee Web Series and Movies-

10 Bo*ld Khushi Mukherjee Web Series and Movies:

1. ‘Chhapra Express’

The movie’s plot centers on Raju, a character played by Khesari Lal Yadav, who develops feelings for Kajal.  But, Kajal’s family opposes their union and works to keep them apart. The movie shows how Raju and Kajal battle adversity to be together.

Cast: Ajay Singh
Filoselle Gupta
Khesari Lal Yadav
Crew: Director:
Premanshu Singh
Release: 2013

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2. ‘Sasura Bada Paisawala 2’

The Khushi Mukherjee-starrer movie, which has a similar plot to the 2004 Bhojpuri success “Sasura Bada Paisawala,” is its sequel. A young man named Shiva and a woman named Priya is the central characters of the novel. Priya’s father opposes their union, and he dares Shiva to build a prosperous business before getting hitched to his daughter.

Cast: Atharv Nahar
Neha Prakash
Crew: Director: Ajay Sinha
Release: 2020

3. ‘A Balma Bihar Wala 2’

The movie, which has a similar plot to the 2006 Bhojpuri success “A Balma Bihar Wala,” is its sequel. The protagonist of the tale is a young man identified as Nirahua who becomes obsessed with Radha. Nevertheless, Radha’s father opposes their union and demands that Nirahua builds a profitable enterprise prior to the wedding of his daughter.

Cast: Vishnu Shankar Belu
Pakhi Hegde
Arvind Akela Kallu
Crew: Director: Vishnu Shankar Belu
Release: 2016

4. ‘Fatherhood’

The protagonist is a youthful, slothful individual. His father appoints a new woman as his protector. The father-son relationship serves as the central theme of the web series’ story. The equivalent mature girl, who is extremely attractive, finds them both to be alluring. Also, the father and son find this female to be beautiful. The girl wants to form a pyramid with them both, the father and son, just as much as they do. The father began to show his son how he would lose her for him. Does his son concur with that? When they all slip into fantasy journeys, times evolve. Will they be able to maintain a healthy, happy career together?

Cast: Khushi Mukherjee
Alam Khan
Ashmit Patel
Crew: Director: soon update
Release: 2021

5. ‘Noorie’

The protagonist of the tale is a young girl nicknamed Noorie who resides in the Kashmir valley alongside her widowed father. Noorie develops a romantic interest in a teenage woodcutter called Yusuf. Due to their different religious beliefs, Noorie’s dad and other villagers are hostile to their relationship.

Cast: Binny Dsouza
Khushi Mukherjee
Khushi Saxena
Crew: Director: VT
Release: 2020

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6. ‘Riti Riwaz-Love Festival’

The show centers on Meera and Rajat, a couple who want to go to a music festival to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Nevertheless, when they run into numerous difficulties and impediments along the road, their adventure takes an unexpected turn.

Cast: Yash Pandit
Khushi Mukherjee
Supriya Shukla
Crew: Director: Ritesh Kumar
Vinod Laxmi Kumar
Release: 2020

7. ‘Heart Attack’

In the Khushi Mukherjee movie, a young man named Ajay develops feelings for a young woman named Kajal. Their romantic drama is not without challenges, though, since Kajal’s father is opposed to their union. The movie shows Ajay’s attempts to win Kajal’s father over and win his favor.

Cast: Nithiin
Adah Sharma
Vikramjeet Virk
Crew: Director: Puri Jagannadh
Release: 2014

8. Devika

The plot if this Khushi Mukherjee web series revolves around a relationship between two girls. The story highlights their close bond in different shades including lover-hate phases. Both of them have emotional attachments and always have each other’s back. Watch how they face the challenge along with maintaining their close bond. 

Cast: Khushi Mukherjee
Gaurav Sinha
Aayushi Jaiswal
Crew: Director: Porus
Release: 2023

9. Nadaan

The series is about a married couple who are struggling to conceive even after 5 years of their marriage. Tired and frustrated, the wife decides to take the matter into her own hands and come up with a new method that can make the process easy and convenient.

Cast: Khushi Mukherjee
Aashima Aashi
Ashraf Saifee
Crew: Director: Porus
Release: 2023

10. Baalveer Returns

The story is about a young kid who lives in a Pari Lok from a very young age and is blessed with a power of 6 powerful fairies. 

Cast: Akshay Bhagat
Guru Saran Tiwari
Bhaweeka Chaudhary
Crew: Director: Maanish Singh
Release: 2019-2021