12 Margazhi Kolam Designs To Add Sophistication To Your Festivities

Margazhi Kolam Designs are common geometrically designed drawings made with rice flour in Dhanur masam (particularly in Tamil Nadu). Kolam designs vary from small and simple to complex and colorful. These designs symbolize good luck and auspiciousness and are supposedly made to welcome the Hindu Goddess of wealth, Mata Laxmi into the home.

Top Margazhi Kolam Designs

1. 7 to 1 Margazhi Kolam Design

Margazhi Kolam Designs

As Kolam Designs are made with dots, lines, and curves, here is a simple yet elegant design to start connecting 7 to 1 dots.

2. 5×3 Dots Kolam Design

Best Margazhi Kolam Design

Here is another sophisticated Kolam design by combining 5 × 3 dots and ending up with this beautiful design to impress Laxmi Mata.

3. Colourful Kolam

Make dots on the ground, draw curves and straight line with peacocks at the corner. This flamboyant kolam design will be ready!

Top Margazhi Kolam Design

4. Kolam + Rangoli Design

Fusion has been the captivation since time immemorial. This beautifully drawn kolam and rangoli design is a must-do when someone wishes to flaunt their creativity.

Kolam + Rangoli Design

5. Circular Kalam

This design can begin by drawing circumscribing circles and drawing simple leaves with straight-line detailing.

Circular Kalam

6. A Tint of Soil To Kolam

The design can be made by an expert as it involves minute detailing. The spaces are covered with soil to give a sophisticated look.

A Tint of Soil To Kolam

7. Lotus Design

Isn’t it true that Lotus design never goes out of the trend? This kolam design is the best if impressing and welcoming Goddess Laxmi is the sole reason for drawing kolam.

Lotus Design

8. Simple Yet Sweet

Add shades to your design and you are good to go. With minimal effort and rice flour, this design can be made.

Simple Yet Sweet

9. Adding Hues

Add Hues to your kolam and watch it become a great decoration for big festivals for not just households but offices.

Adding Hues

10. Flowers Kolam

Short of Rice flour, yet want to draw kolam? Flowers can be your best friend. Get marigolds of yellow and orange colour, tear them and you are good to go with the design.

Flowers Kolam

11. Best Choice

This design can be made by combining rice flour with hues to give the best look perfect for occasions like Pongal, Makar Sankranti, and others.

Best Choice

12. Easy Guide to Kolams

This compilation of Kolam designs will give you a hands-on approach to drawing new designs for your household.

Easy Guide to Kolams

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