Desiunseen – 10 Best Web Series to Watch Online for Free


Desiunseen – Listed below are some of the best web series that you can stream online and binge-watch your favourite shows on Desiunseen. Keep scrolling-

Best web series to stream online on Desiunseen

1. Black coffee

Desiunseen - Web Series
Cast: Akshaya Shetty
Sparsh Srivastav
Kajal Shankhwar
Crew: Director: Deepak Pandey
Release: 2019
Where to Watch: ullu app

The erotic web series shows a boss named Riya getting sexually obsessed with his assistant Arjun when he brings her black coffee. Now she always imagines Arjun getting kinky and erotic with him. Soon her dreams come to life when Arjun agrees to give her the ultimate sexual pleasures. 

2. Charmsukh

Charmsukh - Ullu Web Series from Desiunseen
Cast: Jinnie Jaaz
Pihu Kanojiya
Anmol Jain
Crew: Director: Sol Kohli
Release: 2019
Where to Watch: ullu app

One of the most popular web series on the ullu app mostly because of its enticing love-making scenes. The series shows every character with their unique sexual desires and how to play tricks to get what they want. Most of its season follows newly married couples getting laid outside of marriage to satisfy their wild desires. 

3. Guardian

Guardian - Ullu Web Series
Cast: Ruma Sharma
Hitesh Sejpal
Anurag Verma
Crew: Director: Bhavin Wadia
Release: 2019
Where to Watch: ullu app

An erotic thriller with nail-biting suspense. It shows a cunning girl named Juliana, a local guardian for Mr Anant’s prodigal son Aditya. For the sake of money, Juliana makes a smart plan to blackmail father and son for sexual misconduct. 

4. The Choice

The Choice
Cast: Kajal Shankhwar
Savant Singh Premi
Bhavin Wadia
Crew: Director: Bhavin Wadia
Release: 2019
Where to Watch: ullu app

A love triangle revolves around a girl named Anamika falling for her boss Dushyant while being married to Sudhir. The web series has many bold scenes where person loyalty is tested. Kajal Shankhwar, Bhavin Wadhia and Savant Singh Premi have been cast in the leading role. 

5. Shahad

Cast: Priya Gamre
Varun Sagar
Prashant Rai
Crew: Director: Punit Goyal
Release: 2022
Where to Watch: ullu app

The story follows a sexual relationship between a guy and his sister-in-law. While visiting his brother in the village, he instantly feels attracted towards his bhabhi and soon both end up sleeping with each other. Watch the latest ullu web series on desiunseen.

6. Walkman

Walkman - Ullu Web Series Download from Desiunseen
Cast: Aayushi Jaiswal
Natasha Rajeshwari
Komal Sharma
Crew: Director: Sameer Salim Khan
Release: 2022
Where to Watch: ullu app

A man does everything in his power to satisfy his wife but couldn’t because the wife has a lot of wild sexual desires that can’t be fulfilled with one guy. Soon she starts looking for sex outside of marriage. Watch what happens when she gets her hand on a Walkman filled with erotic stories. 

7. Lady Finger 

Lady Finger - Part 1
Cast: Aayushi Jaiswal
Mahi Kaur
Piyush Suhane
Crew: Director: Kumar S.
Release: 2022
Where to Watch: ullu app

If you love watching erotic web series filled with thrill and suspense then this is right on your alley. Ayushi Jaiwal has been cast in the leading role. Watch the web series to see what she brings to the table. 

8. Virgin Boys

Virgin Boys
Cast: Sarika Raghwa
Shivam Agarwal
Rohan Pratap Singh Chaudhary
Crew: Director: Raj Thakur
Release: 2020
Where to Watch: ullu app

The web series is about a group of boys who are desperate to lose their virginity. Their sexual needs are so high that one girl won’t be able to satisfy them. Soon a lady enters their life which makes the whole situation interesting. 

9. Halala

Halala - Desiunseen Web Series
Cast: Tannushree Mukherjee
Eijaz Khan
Neelima Azim
Crew: Director: Deepak Pandey
Release: 2019
Where to Watch: ullu app

The ullu web series is based on Teen Talaq where out of anger a woman has received triple talaq and now she must marry their common friend, get pregnant and remarry her first husband. One can stream ullu web series for free on desiunseen.

10. Panchali

Panchali - Ullu Web Series
Cast: Anupriya Goenka
Aman Verma
Avinash Mukherjee
Crew: Director: Deepak Pandey
Release: 2019
Where to Watch: ullu app

The series shows a girl getting married to all four brothers of the same family. Now she is looking to marry their 5th brother too. Initially, he is hesitant towards her but later falls in love with her.