What!? Simran Dhanwani Akash Dodeja Got Engaged! Ashish Chanchlani’s Playful Remarks on the Joyous Celebration!

Simran Dhanwani and Akash Dodeja Engagement, Ashish Chanchlani Comments On The Happy Occasion

Big-time favorite influencers Simran Dhanwani and Akash Dodeja left their fans in a sense of shock after posting pictures of their engagement. Akash proposed to Smiran which was completely a secret and Simran promptly said, as expected! They also posted a picture of the ring and Simran added the caption to the picture with, ‘To New Beginnings’ that’s adorable and heartwarming.

But what was most heartwarming was, in a collaborative post between the two added the pictures from the proposal too. Akash was seen on the ground on one knee, asking her out, and she was visibly jumping with joy.

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In that post, Simram added an adorable caption that goes, “In all my life, I never thought I would be so lucky as to fall in love with my best friend. Keeping you all in suspense was tough, but the wait is over! Here’s the moment that set our hearts on fire and made us say forever.”

Simran Dhanwani and Akash Dodeja Engagement Outfit Check

Simran was seen wearing a bank tube top and black hot pants to match the look. She also topped it off with a white oversized shirt. Her high-ankle boots little was cheery on top. Meanwhile Akash Dodeja probably intentionally twinned with her, as he wore a full-sleeved back t-shirt and black jeans underneath. Akash Dodeja also accessorized it with a chain around the neck and a few rings. They both look fantastic and lived up to their name of being fashion content creators.

Ashish Chanchlani’s Comment

Ashish Chanchlani on SImran Dhanwani and Akash Dodeja Engagement

Asish Chanchalani who’s their absolute best friend, made sure to comment on the post. He expressed how happy he was that his two best friends got engaged and were about to tie the know soon. He also adorably compared them to the Harry Potter trio. Hermoine and Ron got engaged and he’s just happy being Harry waiting for his Ginny, who we all know about!

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