4 John Wick Tattoo Meaning, You Will Amazed to Know

John Wick Tattoos and Their Meanings

John Wick movies are full of subliminal symbols. As you start watching you will notice a lot of vague messages here and there. Out of which are his infamous John Wick tattoos. Let’s explore what John Wick’s tattoos are about his life. 

John Wick Tattoos Explained

Might be a Marine Corps Vet 

John Wick Tattoos

A tattoo behind his back  “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”, a Latin phases meaning-, “fortune favors the bold”, reminds of the motto for the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines. He likes to follow paths for an excellent reason making him good at his intuition. Judging by his fighting skills, combat skills, and body language, John Wick might be a part of the military in the past. His take to get vengeance against who did wrong to him says it all.

He was a Man of Faith

As discussed above, in the shower scene beneath his “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” tattoo, we see two praying hands presented over a cross along with rays radiating out of it. One of this John Wick tattoos indicates that John could be a religious person or a man of faith.

He looks more like a fallen angel, kind of like an anti-hero. Once a good man turned into a hero villain seek revenge. 

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Jail Time

John Wick also has a wolf tattoo on his right shoulder. As an orphan child, he has few encounters with Ruska Roma, a dangerous assassin, John might have landed in Russian prison due to this. Wolves, tigers or say leopards are translated as Oskals in Russian meaning Big Grin. These are inked on those prisoners who are aggressive. 

Tattoo also depicts allegiances

John Wick found solace with the Ruska Roma and started his career as an assassin under them. So, tattoos also denote his former allegiances to their specific Russian mafia or families. Russian mob and prison tats indicate pledges that they belong to a certain clan.