Paulo Dybala Tattoos Meaning, That Will Shock You

Paulo Dybala 4 Tattoos and Their Hidden Meanings

Paulo Dybala is a well-known Argentinian footballer who is one of the most successful players in his country. Apart from his great playing skills, he is famous for his body art too. 

A lot of people take inspiration from his tattoos, his arm ink as well as leg ink is worth talking about. Today let’s dive into all the tattoos he has got and what is the meaning behind them. 

Paulo Dybala Tattoos and Their Meanings

Paulo Dybala has currently 4 tattoos over his body. All of them have their unique design and meaning. 

Two Strips on the Forearm

The first one that is most visible is two strips tattooed on his forearm. However for this, there is no meaning, he got it because one of his colleagues had it, and he liked it.

He approached a local tattoo artist and decided to get inked the same one. He has in an interview that his arm tattoo gives an aesthetic purpose to his overall personality. The design is more like an accessory to him. He doesn’t need to wear heavy bracelets to accessorize him, a simple body art can do the trick on him. He has said earlier that he loves tattoo that has an aesthetic appeal to it. Also, an armband tattoo doesn’t need any meaning to it, if you love it you will love it. 

Crowned Football

Another tattoo Paulo Dybala has is on the calf, depicting a football with a crown. He wanted to show his affection towards the sport he plays and admires. Noel is a famous tattoo artist based in Cordoba City. He is the mastermind behind his calf tattoo. The work is well appreciated by his fans too. 

Arabic Phrase on Left Ribs

Paulo Dybala Tattoo Arabic

If you follow him on social media then you must have noticed his shirtless pictures, Paulo Dybala has an Arabic inscription tattooed on his left rib cage. This is one of the most significant designs he has got. It is the name of his mother Alice in Arabic. It has been more than seven years since he first got it. 

Arabic inscription on the Right Leg

The last one he got was an Arabic inscription on his right leg vertically. This one is the name of his father Adolfo in Arabic.