Unique Michele Morrone’s Tattoos and Their Meanings (2024)

If you have seen ‘365 days’ then you would know who Michele Morrone is. His portrayal of Massimo Torricelli made him world-famous. Besides being a sex icon, he is also a singer and professional guitarist appearing in many Italian movies.

After the movie’s big success, Morrone became the sexiest man in everyone’s heart. Everyone wants to know what the actor is up to in his personal life. When it comes to his personal life, tattoos are the first thing that everyone notices. Michele Morrone has about 19 tattoos, some of which have deep meaning behind them, let’s explore them- 

Best Michele Morrone Tattoos and their meanings

‘18.04.2003’ tattoo on his right wrist.

Michele Morrone Tattoo

The date denotes his father’s departure. Michele Morrone was just 12 years old when his father died. He got his death anniversary date inked to pay homage to his late father. 

‘Cloud’ tattoo on his left pec.

Cloud tattoo

Dedicating his love to his pet dog named “Cloud”. 

Phoenix tattoo on his left hand.

Michele Morrone Tattoos

Phoenix is a mythological bird that symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, power and immortality. He got the birth tattooed in a skull pattern. 

BRANDO tattoo on his right shoulder.

Michele Morrone Best Tattto

Brandon Morrone is the namer of his son. He tattooed his name on his right shoulder. 

‘3’ tattoo on his right ring finger.

Michele Morrone nationality

3 number denotes his date of birth as he was born on 3rd October 1990. 

Cross tattoo on his right hand

Michele Morrone Best Tattoo

Michele Morrone is Christian, he got a cross tattooed on his hand to show his devotion to god. The tattoo also shows the crucifixion of Jesus. 

MARCUS’ tattoo on his right thumb.

Michele Morrone Son

Name of Michele’s another son Marcus. 

Our Lady of Aparecida’s tattoo on his right arm.

Michele Morrone Kids

The title was given to the Virgin Mary, also known as the mother of Jesus. The image represents spirituality and has a lot of importance in Brazilian culture.