6 Best Russian Erotic Movies To Watch This Weekend

6 Best Russian Erotic Movies To Watch This Weekend

If you appreciate genuine passion and love, Russian movies depict these sentiments most profoundly. Recently, there have been many Russian films that delve into the most intimate topics of relationships.

Listed below are some of the best Russian erotic movies that you can watch this New Year’s Eve and vibe with your partner. Keep on scrolling-

Best 6 Russian Erotic Movies

6. About Love (2016)

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Gillian Jacobs
Paul Rust
Claudia O’Doherty
Crew: Director: Steve Buscemi
Release: 2017
Where to Watch: Netflix

A bold move that highlights sexual taboos in relationships, it shows Nina living in St. Petersburg. She is not satisfied with her marriage to her husband, Professor Alexander. One day, she meets Sergei, a wealthy businessman. He does everything in his power to make her feel special and grab her attention. Soon, they both start a passionate affair where they can’t resist each other. Later, it turns out that Sergei is married and will never leave his wife for the sake of their extramarital affair.

5. Intimate Parts (2013)

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Yuri Kolokolnikov, Julia Aug, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Nikita Tarasov, 
Crew: Director: Natasha Merkulova
Aleksey Chupov
Release: 2013
Where to Watch:

The film features many different characters, all living in Moscow, who are struggling with their sexual challenges. Fate has plans for all of them, placing them in complicated situations to see how they tackle them. Some seek the help of a psychotherapist, try new things, and explore their sexuality, while others rush into critical experiments. Despite facing the same situations repeatedly, they all learn how to overcome them.

4. Pure art (2016)

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Anna Chipovskaya, Peter Fedorov, Konstantin Yushkevich, Ilya Lyubimov
Crew: Director:
Renat Davletyarov
Release: 2016
Where to Watch:

Sasha, a photographer, experiences a drastic upheaval in her life when her lover dies. Subsequently, she becomes entangled in a perilous world of crime and drugs. The organization begins spying on her, suggesting that she might be targeted for harm. Moreover, her friends have either abandoned her or betrayed her. The police are actively searching for her as the main suspect in a dangerous crime. Watch the movie to witness how Sasha seeks refuge and solace in this hazardous world.

3. Locust (2013)

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Peter Fedorov, Paulina Andreeva, Dmitry Shevchenko, Ekaterina Volkova
Crew: Director: Yegor Baranov
Release: 2013
Where to Watch:

Artem is an ordinary guy who falls for Lera. The love and passion between them are hard to resist. However, their relationship encounters numerous struggles because Lera’s parents disapprove of their daughter dating a rural boy. Under family pressure, she decides to end her relationship with Artem and instead marries her friend’s father, while Artem enters into marriage with a wealthy girl. Despite their separate paths, they continue to meet and draw each other closer.

2. Text (2019)

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Alexander Petrov
Kristina Asmus
Ivan Yankovskiy
Crew: Director: Klim Shipenko
Release: 2019
Where to Watch:

Ilya Goryunov was falsely accused of drug dealing and served seven years in prison. Upon his release, he resolves to take revenge on the person who wrongfully put him behind bars. Recognizing that he can never reclaim his old life, he seeks out Peter, his accuser, and manages to gain access to his smartphones, documents, and laptops. For a period, he opts to live the life of his adversary.

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1. Skinless (2014)

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast: Anders Lidin Hansen
Crew: Director: Marius Myrmel
Release: 2014
Where to Watch:

Peter and Lisa met during the entrance test at the capital’s university. Soon, they begin to connect and fall in love. One day, Lisa invites him to her father’s sculpture workshop, where they spend several days together.