Rapper Shubh Targets Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut in New Song ‘King Shit

Rapper Shubh's new song “King Shit” lyrics target Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut 

Rapper Shubh surely knows how to grab attention from the public. In his recent song ‘King Shit,’ a Canadian Punjabi singer has sparked controversy in the media yet again. According to news reports, the new song from his latest album targets celebrities, including Kangana Ranaut and Virat Kohli. Simultaneously, Kangana’s fans are taking a dig at the rapper over his Khalistani support last year.

Rapper Shubh Targets Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut with his new Album

Last year, Shubh expressed support for Khalistani advocates, prompting a significant public backlash that led to the cancellation of his gigs in India. Moreover, he shared a controversial map of India on his social media account, reigniting the controversy. However, later when the tensions escalated, he released a statement on his Instagram account expressing his love and dedication to India.

His latest album is all set to be released. Shubh is now targeting notable media personalities through lyrics instead of attacking them directly. He took a dig at Kangana for her political opinions as well as her viral tweets criticizing Bollywood.

His new EP ‘Leo’ features songs like “Hood Anthem,” “You and Me,” “Safety Off,” and “King Shit.”

As the songs’ titles were released, they attracted significant attention to Kangana Ranaut as last year she publicly called out the singer for wearing a hoodie that depicted the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and also for his support for Khalistan.

Apart from that, Kangana also called out another Punjabi singer, Diljit Dosanjh, for supporting Khalistan and even referred to him as a pet puppy of Karan Johar. At the time, the incident became a hot topic in the media.

Indian cricket sensation Virat Kohli unfollowed the Canada-based singer amid the Khalistan controversy, after which the rapper faced heavy trolling and also lost lakhs of followers on his social media account.

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