Grant Cardone Defamation Lawsuit Explained: From Friends To Enemy, Grant Filed $100M Case Against John Legere

Grant Cardone Defamation Case Explained: From Friends To Enemy, Grant Filed $100M Lawsuit Against John Legere

John Legere, the individual responsible for building T-Mobile into the third-largest telecom operator in the US, is currently engaged in a serious battle with internet celebrity and real estate investor Grant Cardone. Cardone, who also authored “The 10X Rule,” a New York Times bestseller, charges attendees on his site between $2,000 and $35,000 to learn how to dramatically scale a business.

However, due to “false and defamatory statements” made by Legere, according to a lawsuit filed on Thursday in Miami-Dade County, Florida, Cardone’s brand value has plummeted to “an amount believed to be no less than $100,000,000.00.” According to the lawsuit, John Legere publicly disrespected Cardone’s financial acumen. Legere also asserted that Cardone is not a billionaire and referred to him as “the biggest bull***t artist on the planet.”

In a public conversation, John Legere said, “You’re a fraudulent con-man. I’ll say this in this room right now: I believe that in the next year, Grant Cardone will be found guilty of fraud.” He added, “By the way, he’s not a billionaire; he doesn’t have close to a billion. And he is… somebody who is self-promoting. If you go to the world, go to the world of CNBC, go to CNN, inquire about Grant Cardone. He doesn’t exist.”

The audience members accused Legere of being drunk, slurring his words, and appearing jealous and envious of Cardone’s self-made status.

The Friendship of Grant Cardone with John Legere

According to the lawsuit, in 2015, both Cardone and Legere started with a friendly beginning. Later, John Legere expressed his interest in Cardone’s tutorials, and they even collaborated, raising funds for charity, philanthropic purposes, and special causes via the Clubhouse platform.

Grant Cardone with John Legere
Image Credit: @grantcardone/Instagram

However, simultaneously, Legere abruptly pivoted away from his collaborative relationship with Cardone and instead became hostile toward Cardone.

When Grant Cardone approached Legere to end their friendship due to the latter’s attacks, Legere agreed to cease his attacks. However, according to the lawsuit filing, since then, Legere has “commenced a campaign designed to defame Cardone, by making claims that lack veracity and have caused and will continue to cause damage to Cardone’s reputation in the public community.”

Grant Cardone with John Legere Lawsuit
Image Credit: @johnlegere/Instagram

Grant Cardone Gained Favour

As the rift escalated, netizens and the audiences appeared to favor Cardone over Legere. The suit stated, “The audience favored Cardone’s opinion on certain topics, such as education, economic disparity, the COVID-19 vaccine, politics, and/or finance.”

Cardone further stated, “John Legere has left me with no alternative but to pursue legal action against him for his false, scandalous, and defamatory statements about me. His false statements have caused a lot of harm, and Mr. Legere needs to understand that he cannot make such blatantly defamatory statements and expect to get away with it.”

Moreover, Aaron Smith-Levin, the financial researcher, posted various videos claiming that the internet celebrity Cardone had “stolen over $100 million from Cardone Capital Investors.” Cardone also faces numerous lawsuits from different investors. Recently, one lawsuit that got dismissed also mentioned that Cardone misinterpreted the returns and risks involved in potential investments to his fellow investors.