Mia Goth Lawsuit Explained: Kicked The Background Actor Intentionally On the Head Leading To Internal Injury

Mia Goth Lawsuit Explained: Kicked The Background Actor Intentionally On the Head Leading To Internal Injury

Mia Goth, the 24-year-old well-known actress popular for her movies like ‘Pearl’ and ‘X,’ is currently in the limelight as she has been sued by a background actor from her upcoming film ‘Maxine.’

The background actor raised serious allegations against Mia Goth, claiming that she intentionally kicked him on the head during a scene filmed in April 2023. This information is based on a filing obtained by Rolling Stone.

Ti West, the director of the movie, and A24, the film distributor, are also named as defendants. The allegations include wrongful termination by Goth, Ti West, and A24. Additionally, the background actor is the victim of battery.

Mia Goth Lawsuit
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When Rolling Stone requested comments from West and Goth, their representatives did not reply immediately. The representative from A24 was also unavailable at the moment. In the lawsuit filed on Friday in Los Angeles, James Hunter alleged that he was hired to play the role of a ‘dead parishioner’ in the movie.

What Exactly Happened with Mia Goth?

According to James Hunter’s lawsuit, during the trial takes for one of the film’s scenes, Mia Goth almost stepped on the background actor’s head. Allegedly, despite warnings to be cautious, in the next take, the actress ‘intentionally kicked plaintiff in the head with her boot,’ causing Hunter to ‘immediately experience a headache and stiffness in his neck.’

Later, when Hunter reported the injury to the assistant director, he claims he was not offered any first aid or medical assistance. According to the lawsuit, when filming the scene concluded, Hunter alleges that the actress ‘invaded plaintiff’s privacy in the bathroom; laughed at plaintiff; taunted, mocked, and belittled plaintiff; and dared plaintiff to do anything about it.’

The next day, according to Hunter’s accusations, he received an email stating ‘Whatever happened, production does not want you back.’ The lawsuit claims this email was sent by the casting agency, and Hunter was subsequently removed from the production.

In the concluding days of April 2023, Hunter sought medical treatment at Placentia-Linda Hospital and was diagnosed with an internal head injury. As per the lawsuit, James Hunter is seeking $500,000 for the damages incurred.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in the Mia Goth lawsuit case as we bring you timely updates on this unfolding legal matter.

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