10 Bhogi Muggulu Designs To Choose From And Decorate The House With

10 Bhogi Muggulu Designs To Choose From And Decorate The House With

Pongal is a festival where the sun, nature, farm animals, and food god are prayed and thanked. Worshipers ask for their blessings before swimming new seeds. This is the grand festival of Mother Nature. To decorate your house for the festival we have mentioned 10 Bhogi Muggulu designs for you to choose from.

10 Bhogi Muggulu Designs:

1. Simple Bhogi Muggulu

The Matka on the fire is a sign of what’s been practiced in the festival. This scene depicts so, making it simple and very pretty.

2. Artistic Bhogi Muggulu

If you’re looking for something quick, easy, and simple. This design is very simple and needs a few colors to keep it subtle.

3. Colorful

Festivals are all about colors and creating artistic things. This design reflects exactly that vibe to it. It covers a lot of areas and is very easy to make.

4. Silhouette

Drawing a silhouette could be challenging, but it’s very pretty and a treat to the eyes. If you want to show off your creative and artistic side, customize this design in your way.

5. Cow Bhogi Muggulu

Matkas usually contain butter, which is a dairy product. Cow is worshipped on this festival, Hence to add two important aspects of the festival this design is the best.

6. Peacock

A peacock design is a widely drawn one. It can be done freehand or with a stencil. It has a hollow inside and is surrounded by flowers and feathers.

7. Geometric

This design can be easily drawn with a stencil. It has a few kites, lotus, and trees. All are shaded in different colors making it bright and soothing to the eyes.

8. Aesthetic Bhogi Muggulu

If you want to incorporate a very flashy design showcasing the vibe of the festival, this design will do the job perfectly.

9. Ombre

Monotone designs with a touch of ombre to match the shade are great! It looks neat and is pretty aesthetic.

10. Circular Bhogi Muggulu

This is an easy design that requires a peacock and some looks inside. It’s mostly circular and spherical so it’s easy to make.

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